Ukrainian members, have you been receiving postal mails from abroad safely?

hello, greetings from Japan,

months ago, i sent a postcard and an envelope to two different postcrossers in Ukraina, two tags. they have not arrived there yet. i think they are lost on the way. i wrote the addresses in Latin alphabets so perhaps that is the reason why they did not arrive there, i am wondering?

i am curious that members in Ukraina have been receiving postal mails from abroad safely in general? or is it ,like, sometimes yes, sometimes no ?

i am thinking about resending them with their addresses written in Ukrainian Cyrillic, not in Latin alphabets next time.

very sorry postal mails from abroad can get lost there.

happy new year, by the way!


Hello friend. In general sending postcards in Ukraine needs patience (the same with Belarus). I don’t know if the current political instability and the problems with Russia affect the postal services but in general sending or receiving postcard from Ukraine is very demanding.


thank you @Prodromos

i have just asked in the Japanese Community if the postal mails sent from Japan to Ukraina have been received by members in Ukraina. and i got two responses that recently one card was received (in 40 days) and another card still travelling (within 30 days).

also, several days ago, i sent a swap postal mail, an envelope, the address written in Latin alphabets, to a member in Ukraina. i am thinking of sending another postal mail for her written in Ukrainian Cyrillic soon. so i will know which one arrives faster and safely.

i am also going to write on the envelope, around her address, “please deliver this mail” in Ukrainian Cyrillic.

@ all the members in Ukraina, i still need multiple responses from you. just letting me know yes or no or sometimes yes or sometimes no is good enough.

thank you all !

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is my Ukrainian Cyrillic any good?

do you understand my handwriting?

i want to write on the mail to Ukraina this sentence :

“please deliver this mail.”


I have also experienced delays in mail to Ukraine, again some of my tag postcards have not arrived after about 3 months.
I expect Ukraine to be similar to Russia & Belarus in travel times, however some postcards have arrived in as little as two weeks from the UK.

Again, it is hard to tell if the political situation has had any affect on the postal network.


I have sent 3 official cards to Ukraine in December, all of them were received in 21-40 days. All of them were addressed with Latin alphabet.

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@Maddymail and @Wolfsmondfee

thank you for letting us know about your mail situation to Ukraina.

by the way, i do not mind waiting after sending mails but i just want to know if the lost mail cases are high or not, especially nowadays.

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hurray! :slight_smile: i have just contacted one of the recipients whom i sent a card to in Ukraina. it has safely arrived there. i am so relieved.

but i will write the addresses in Ukrainian Cyrillic from now on.


Postal service is slow and unpredictable. Sometimes postcards and evelopes arrive in 2 weeks, sometimes I have to wait 4 month for unknown reason

Nowadays there’re some losts, but I guess just a usual %


thank you for your response!
actually, a tag envelope for you has been travelling for months now. i started to feel it got lost. let’s wait for sometime and i will resend when it seems to be lost on the way, no problem :slight_smile:

i have been on postcrossing for 10 years and about 8 years ago, i had the impression that the postal mails could reach in Ukraina from Japan in about 2 - 3 weeks but nowadays there seem to be times where you have to wait for like 4 months, i see…

thank you for letting me know again!
i hope you get all the mails anyway sent from abroad safely.

oh, and i got two likes by Ukrainian members about my Ukrainian Cyrillic handwriting above. i am glad to know it is understandable :slight_smile:


Postcards from Japan arrive on average 3 weeks after sending. I’m participant RR and I haven’t noticed any particular problems with getting cards from and to Ukraine, excluding New Year’s holidays.
My address always write in the Latin alphabet

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thank you for letting us know about your mail receiving situation.

as for Cyrillics, i can seem to write it, so i will write the addresses in Ukraina in Cyrillic from now on. i hope it helps the postal workers in your country.

Your handwriting is pretty good! :heart_eyes: Even some Ukrainian people can’t write like this ( and I’m talking not about our doctors - they have their own language :rofl: )



thank you for letting me know! i have written Cyrillic when i write to people in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus so i am now a bit used to writing it :slight_smile:

i will write Cyrillic as much as possible from now on :slight_smile:


I sent a small parcel under 1 kg from London, UK, to Kharkiv, Ukraine on 20 Dec 2021 (I always paid a lot for sending parcels there before but this time I sent it the cheapest untracked way), and sadly it has neither been delivered not returned back to me. :thinking:

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You know, I like to use fountain pen and I’m in love with my handwriting when I write something in Ukrainian, but… when I try to write something in English it seems like a chicken writes instead of me. :rofl: I bought a lot of books, copybooks, even watched a lot of videos how to improve my handwriting but that chicken inside me also does not give up. I put up with this situation for a while, but then something terrible was happened - I was looking for some translation of Korean words and saw a topic “Cute Korean Handwriting Styles Compilation” - it was the end for me and my chicken :rofl: :rofl: I will show you what I’m talking about:

It’s just a paradise for my eyes. :heart_eyes: I really admire people who have good handwriting and who were able to learn how to write cyrillic handwriting or hieroglyphs ( something opposite to their national writing system ). So let’s continue doing what we like to do and good luck for us! :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:


Apologies for my previous post. It was too long and almost meaningless, everyone know that the mail had stopped in such situations.
I’ll send a pm to my recipients and senders one by one.
And also I send my hugs and prayers to all, hoping you, your family and your friends stay safe.


Ukrainian members, please stay safe and well.


Yes, I, too am thinking about our Ukrainian friends every day lately and sending thoughts of peace.


Maybe sending postcards is not a good idea for now. Because we shouldn’t trouble Ukrainian Post Service with postcards,so postal workers can focus more important deliveries like food, medicine etc. But you can send Ukrainian embassies in your country like I did today for example :innocent: