Two months in, officially out of control lol

Well, not so long ago I never even heard of Washi tape, now I just spent 25 minutes dolling up a PC. :laughing: I’ve got a haul of maybe 15 rolls & look out, my next PC will weigh 10 ounces. :crazy_face:. Plus stickers, plus every stamp currently available – oh, the 1c is sweet – I’m working on my handwriting and if I don’t play tag every day, well I play twice as much the next! Anyway, I’ve “met” or encountered, so many people that take the time to make their PC exchange special, I’m really getting a kick out of it and find myself more often trying to add a little extra something. And despite a few splurges, as hobbies go, Postcrossing is pretty modest. Next up? Oh, got to try my hand at handmade. :+1:


I’m glad you’re having so much fun! I am too! I used to keep a planner so I had a lot of washi and stickers already when I joined postcrossing but I can totally relate! I love this hobby and kind of wish I had found it sooner!


In my long break from Postcrossing, I started using a planner every day. My 3-4 rolls of washi soon became … well, let’s not put a number on things :laughing:

I never know when people will like washi on their cards, and it leaves so little space to write on. I’m always torn when deciding how much tape to use, or how many stamps (rubber & ink, as well as postage) I can fit on one tiny card!

Also, why do craft stores always come in groups? Just the other day I had to make a pit stop and naturally, the two bigger craft chains were right next to each other. How could I resist? :money_with_wings:


the washi collection I received has several rolls of very narrow tape (1/8 inch I think) so you can make a tiny border. let me know if you’d like some!


I keep my narrow washi tapes in a separate bin (yes, bins :sob: ) and it never occurred tome to use them this way. @Livletliv that’s kind of genius, thank you for sharing this fantastic tip! And thank you for the very generous offer, but I think my soon-to-be-live-in-significant-other will have a cow if I bring home any more washi tapes :laughing: In fact, reading your post earlier inspired me to spend some time washi-ing up some outgoing letters and envelipes :heart_eyes:


I also use various thicknesses, and rip them up the middle, very zig-zaggy, so I can add a little ‘texture’ to middle section and edges. Sometimes, I create a type of ‘stage’ using this method.


Haha, that’s very funny - and bins are impressive, :rofl: I haven’t even told my SO about my new hobby, but every once in awhile he collects the mail & I see him shaking his head at something that’s come in (I’ve gotten a couple of wild ones, with puffy letters etc.) Sooner or later his curiosity will get the better of him. For now it’s my secret pleasure. :wink:


Story of my newbee Postcrosser life😅! I had never heard of washi tape eighter, and I thought stickers and stuff like that were mainly for creative children. That has certainly changed. I was suddenly desperate for those tape looking rolls with all the colours and pretty patterns. I went to our little town centre, with no less than three hobby stores and two book stores😎. Disappointed, sweaty and completely devestated I had to face the fact that there was not a single washi tape in town😩! Well, back to my desk (where I have several houndred cards waiting for the adventure of their lives, too bad I just have eight traveling, but that is another story😳…)

So I found a shop online and ordered washi tapes and some pretty stickers🤗! And what is 70 Euros anyway….(well, a weeks grocery budget to be honest😅) So many shops online, but I chose one in my own country, as my patience is already somewhat strained. So now I have another waiting game, not only for postcards but for a colourful packet of pure joy🤗

And I want to thank you all for posting here and hence help me enter this new, wonderful world of Postcrossing!


that’s a funny tale of postcrossing woe, :laughing: and perseverance!
imagine a town without washi, unacceptable!


Yes, I have really enjoyed living in this little town, but now I suddenly have my doubts, yes😅! think my mailman would be delighted to see me leave too, he maybe has developed some kind of mental issues, being spied on all the time from behind my kitchen curtain😎


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve got all my washi tape on 2 cloth hangers but I’m more of a (clear) stamp girl, I’m afraid. I sell my kids’ clothes online (Vinted) and the money stays in a special Vinted-account. You can of course have it deposited on your bank account, but I prefer to leave it so I can spend the incoming money on clear stamps and other stationary, even postcards on that same platform. My husband fortunately (with stress on ‘fortune’) has no idea how much I’ve spent already on literally 100s of clear stamps. It looks like I’m not the only secretive person here :smiley: :secret: I find clear stamps very easy to organise in a binder with plastic sleeves/pouches. I’m kind of discovering more and more creativity in myself after 50 years :scissors: :fountain_pen: :crayon: :paintbrush:


hmm, I don’t even know what a clear stamp is, maybe I need that, too :laughing:
yes, one should have a slush fund & not be too accountable, that’s my philosophy. I think we get a lot of value for our buck :moneybag:
who can put a price on happiness? :upside_down_face:


I actually recently picked up a container for my washi tape - I love it and most of my tapes fit in it. The downside is that it’s so big, I’ll always want to keep it full.

I love my full sized, wooden stamps, but storage started becoming an issue and I switch over and started buying clear stamps. I have those organized in a 4x6 photo organizer similar to my washi container. I still have plenty of stamp and tape left over that won’t fit - but I’m moving soon and I’ll have a room all to my crafting :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll take a photo of my stamps and washi storage later =]


That’ll change drastically once you’ve discovered the various Round Robins :sweat_smile:

I just counted, have 79 cards that are traveling at the moment :scream::scream::scream:


I discovered RR not too long ago :laughing: I remember the days of being limited on outgoing. There’s a thunderstorm outside and I’m like, must…run…to…mailbox to drop off!


Since I’ve discovered the handmade RR I’ve TOTALLY gone mad :grin:
But in a good way ofcourse…


lucky for me, so far, I don’t understand RR no matter how many times I read the instructions :thinking: physics, calculus & chemistry were not my forte & I think maybe I need a PhD to play


yes, def show us your stuff!! and what is a clear stamp? I want to get one :yum:

Oh, yes! You definitely need clear stamps. Fairly cheap (especially 2nd hand) and easy to store. You only need one acrylic transparant bloc to stamp away. :rofl: