Turkey - Where to get postcards and stamps

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I havent seen anyone wrote down the places you can buy postcards so i wanted to start it. I live in İstanbul and i know some places that you can buy postcards cheaper. I hope it will help someone.


Mahal Dükkan
Remzi Oğuz Arık, Gerede Sk. No. 3/C



Free Zone
Kocatepe Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:15

Müeyyedzade Mah. Galip Dede Cd. No:101A

Yaba Yayınları
Şahkulu Mah. Galip Dede Cd. No:55 D:1
(lots of postcards with vintage images)


Liman Küçük Sürprizler Dükkanı
Caferağa Mah. Sakız Gülü Sok. No:19D


Hitit Color
Hobyar Mah. H.Kasım Köprüsü sk.
Besler Han No:3 D:08


İki Satır Stationart
LSV Dükkan


I don’t know any of the names of places I get postcards … I’ll make a note of them next time I’m out. There are a couple near Galata Tower that are pretty inexpensive, though.

I usually order my postcards online or during my visits to other cities I buy my postcards from the museum shops of the museums that I visit.

Cardbook series belongs to Uranüs Yayınevi are really nice with a small explanation about the place of the postcard. They have Cardbook of Turkey, Cardbook of Istanbul’s Mosques, Cardbook of Cappadoccia, etc. All of them are very cool! Here is a link that you can see the other options:

Other than that I recently discovered Mahal Dukkan in Ankara. They sell really nice postcards! Here is their google maps link:

I haven’t purchased any postcards from these websites yet, but they have cool designs as well:

If you would like to support the Foundation for Children with Leukemia (LÖSEV) they also sell a nice design of postcards:

I hope this helps! I will update it here if I find any other places.

I’ve made the first post on this topic a wiki, so that anyone can edit it and add to this list. :slight_smile:


I bought postcards outside the underground city of Cappadocia. They are from the ancient mythology of the underground city. They are very beautiful

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I’ve cleaned up the wiki in the first post, adding the links and sites mentioned. It’s best if we can try to keep it alphabetized and organized.

Hello, I am planning my trip to Istanbul this month and I wonder where I can buy the stamps? And what is the value of stamps I need to use to send a card to Europe? Thank you in advance,

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In Turkey you can buy the stamps only at postal services. Search on google map as PTT, you can find the closest one. Also for sending you need to go there as well :slight_smile: So it is better if you write your postcard and then go to the office. The office staff can stick a stamp and send it :slight_smile: The price is now 6.5 Turkish lira for europe.


Thank you for your reply! :tulip:

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Hello - this thread hasn’t been live for over a year. I am travelling to Turkey Marmaris in June and hope to send some cards.
Can anyone advise where to buy stamps for international ? Thank you

Been in Turkey recently - try directly Turkish Post counter, I paid 30 TL (exchange rate is cca 35TL for 1€) for international postcard.
In Istanbul, stamps were sold also by shops, but for higher price of 40/50TL … so I avoided paying ⅓-⅔ more.

Also, the easiest way to send cards is from the post office, mail boxes seems not easy to found on the street.


Thankyou most kind

Were postcards also readily available ?

In Istanbul, they were sold everywhere; in two other places (Uzunköprü & Edirne), I found them in a bookstore, post office and souvenir shop; no luck with a single card in Izmit although I ask on several places.

I would say it depends from how popular certain destination is or from complete coincidence/luck.


Stamps are sold in tobacco kiosks which are easy to find.

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