Travel mode in special places

Hi so I’ve never used “Travel Mode” and well after seeing a post by a friend on Facebook I was curious, as he has set himself in The Netherlands, when actually he’s in a Centre Parks in Germany, it’s just he’s on a Dutch network for internet…

Any way, so I thought to myself, can you just change into travel Mode and say you’re in Korea, or Peru or even Juba South Sudan! I mean yes I guess it’s a bit of a cheat if the postcard I send is not actually traveling from South Sudan, but then how come i can just switch to “Travel Mode” so easily?? TIA


You have to be in the country and use a wireless internettconnection. This way you proof that you actually are in the country. I use travelmode when I’m staying with friends. But some years ago I joined a meeting in Cologne, Germany, but because I didn’t have acces to a wireless connection I couldn’t use travel mode.

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Ok thanks… Best change back to my location here in U.K then. :slight_smile:

It says that they must be able to verify your location, and it only works while you are physically there…:woman_shrugging:t2:
Also, if you put it on travel mode, you won’t receive any postcards until you change it back.

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Hi yeah, just seen that… For a moment as I sat here in Lincoln, U.K I was also in Juba South Sudan… lol

At least you have to verify your location by using the local internet. :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn’t mean to pile on; I think we all replied about the same time. :slight_smile:

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Hi, not at all… Thank you… :slight_smile:

Yes and I think your friend uses a programm on his computer in which you can switch the countrylocation. I know friends of mine do that to be able to watch certain programms on german television which you are only permitted to see while you’re in Germany. So maybe it also works for postcrossing.

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This is what he put on Facebook:

Fun fact: if you go to Center Parcs, an European network of holiday villages that was founded in the Netherlands, you will use Dutch internet provider KPN, even if the holiday village is not in the Netherlands.

So I managed to change official PC into travel mode and send cards with ID “NL-” though I am in Germany and hundreds miles away from the Dutch border."


Yes that makes sense . I hope he has a good time

You have to connect to the local WiFi network, when I was in the Isle of Man, it kept trying to put me on to the UK mobile network, and couldn’t verify my location, once connected to a Manx WiFi network I was able to draw IOM ID codes (IM).

Again last year when I visited Donegal in the Republic of Ireland tried to get Irish ID codes but network wouldn’t allow me, for a similar reason.

You could use a VPN, but I class this a cheating, I know some postcrossers have used this to obtain codes from rare countries like a North Korea and some of the obscure Pacific or Caribbean islands.
I’ve not tried myself, I’ll wait for official travel to resume.

i had travel to the boarder region of the USA and México last feburary and i was in the country of México (about 3 miles inside), i was using my portable internet aircard, it would not permit me to get mexican id numbers. found out the aircard uses american something (think its VPN - not very saavy in computer stuff) that did not permit it. i could of just used a mexican wireless connection, but would not trust any wireless connections i did not know.

It might depend on how you are accessing postcrossing. When in Croatia and using travel mode I know postcrossing has only given me addresses when using a local Wi-Fi hotspot. I wasn’t able to request new addresses if I was using mobile data.

That is the way it works so Postcrossing can varify you are actually in that country

I never sent a card but I could change my location within my own country. I could be in Arizona or Florida even tho I am standing in California.

I tried with our own territories as they use the same postal system from the USA and figured the same internet. It didn’t work.

@EDC83 how did you get South Sudan location? Its like wow. Maybe one day you’ll actually go and connect and send a card from there.
I know its got something to do with the VPN and Internet location. I have no idea what either means but they have something to do with your location.

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Yes it only works on a wifi from the relevant country.
I was bored on a bus in Malta (it was dark, not much scenery to look at) and thought I could get addresses for my postcards, but I was using data roaming on my UK phone and wasn’t allowed to pick addresses.

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Postcrossing detects those programs and asks the member to explain why they are using it to change to a country they are not really in. We are aware of the falsehoods that people try to use.



And members complain to Postcrossing about this type of cheating.

The question must be asked why cheat?



I agree, I only use travelmode when I’m staying in Germany and want to send cards from there because the postage is much cheaper, I enjoy sending out more cards then. Well this wasn’t possible the last year but I hope to go to my friend in a few weeks time.

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Hi, well I just chose that location, found the city Juba in South Sudan and said I was there, but of course, my internet is U.K based, so I’d not get an address. Yes it’d be awesome to travel to the South Sudan, I’m sure I’d be in demand for a postcard to be sent to many a Postcrosser.