I’m sorry if this has already been covered somewhere in here but I couldn’t find an answer to my question. I’m fairly new to this but the current individual that I have to send a postcard to is adamant she doesn’t want touch note cards and I’m not sure what that is?

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Oh great. That’s like half of my cards since I haven’t been able to find any good stores around me to buy actual postcards.

The user is probably saying this because they do not want their address to be given to a third-party service, for privacy reasons. Sometimes this type of service starts spamming the recipient with ads, trying to get them to sign up and use it as well, and also people just aren’t very comfortable with their address being given to a site without their permission.

There are services where you can create personalised postcard designs and have them printed and sent to your own address, to write on and send by hand. That sort of thing isn’t the same, since you’re not giving out another member’s address to a company, so it can be a good option if that’s the sort of card you like to send.

You could also look online for postcard sets. The Postcrossing blog sometimes highlights examples, e.g. in this post, if you’d like a start on where to look! Amazon often sell them, if you can’t find them anywhere else. (In the UK I’d recommend Waterstones, so maybe bookshops sell this kind of thing in the US as well?)


Oh ok, so I order off Etsy and Zazzle alot. Zazzle is just pictures people turn into postcards. They come to me blank and I fill everything out so that’s not the same thing. Touchnote sounded like taking personal pictures or art work and turning into a card. So Touchnote is more of a digital thing? I have tried all the bookstores around me. Sadly no cards, not even at the big chain bookstores. They only had stationary. I have ordered off Amazon too. I just like finding more interesting cards then I have found on their site.

Touchnote (and similar services) work like this: You choose the frontside, either own photo or an available preset. Then you enter the text that should go on the backside and the address. Then they print the card (including the backside) and send it to the recipient by regular mail. You, as a sender, will never hold it in your hands.


:+1:t3:I got it. Thanks.

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Yes, part of Touchnote’s deal is that they mail the postcards for you, meaning you have to give them the address you want the postcard to be sent to.

Some members dislike handmade or unique personal cards as well, and prefer to receive only commercially available cards… but in general the reason people generally dislike Touchnote specifically is the privacy violation. (Though it can be a useful service for those who can’t physically write postcards due to disability, for example!)


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Welcome @Bookworm72. I have some suggestions for you; you are free to accept or reject them. Stay away from Zazzle and Touch-Note junk. There are many online sources that offer good quality postcards. I suggest online because at the retail level, as you have found out, the pickings are slim.

My last suggestion is an offer. Send me your address by private message, and I will send you a bunch of FREE postcards you can send out for Postcrossing. Enjoy!


@cliffside that is such a kind and generous offer! I guess I’ll stick with Etsy. They have some really cool cards. I just like Zazzle for pictures of my own home area so I’ll just use those up and then locate better cards in the future.


pomegranate has awesome postcards, esp the ed goreys. but you have to buy them in increments of 8 .

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piggybacking off @cliffside’s offer to you @bookworm72. I live in a resort area , so we have postcards everywhere and not all are touristy. i can send you a stack for free if you are needing some.


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