Topic scroll bar doesn’t work

So I’m not sure if this is a bug, or just my iPad’s Safari version having issues with the forum after maybe the site updated while I was gone, but the scroll bar that topics have so you can move down doesn’t work for me anymore. And when I scroll down normally (without the scroll bar) I can only move down a few posts before I see a blank space where there should be more posts, or until I can’t move down anymore (when I should be able to). This is mainly an issue with larger topics (15+ replies), like tags and such, and is a shame since I’m unable to scroll down and participate in the topics anymore.

Hi. Sorry for a stupid question. Did you try to open the forum by another browser? Chrome or Firefox. If I’m not mistaken they both have versions for Apple’s tech. Then you might get an idea what is actually wrong: the forum or your current version of Safari.
Just a suggestion.

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Yeah, I suppose I’ll try that thanks :slight_smile:

On an iPad all browsers will render just like Safari does (this is imposed by iOS, there’s no work around) so the behavior is likely the same with other browsers too on the same device.

Is that an old iOS version perhaps? If it’s an old Safari version, perhaps it’s no longer well supported. That might be it?

Suddenly it’s working again, if a bit slower than before. Not sure if anything changed, but I’m glad it seems to be okay again for now?

Have you tried using the app?

:flushed::open_mouth: wait … there is an AP? How did I miss that? Is it a discourse ap or a postcrossing ap?

What is the name of the app? A quick search on the Apple App Store doesn’t bring up anything obvious.

This is the Discourse app:

I did download it and use it for a while but I didn’t really find it much different from viewing the forum in a mobile browser.

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The app is through Discord but there is one specifically designed for PC, which also allows you to access the main site. The icon looks like this on my mobile screen. And when I click it to open the program, it does not look like what you posted.