The time of a post in a thread

I’m not sure, how it supposed to be, but noticed something while posting today.

My local time on PC sometimes sets back to GMT+0 (instead of GMT+3 of Moscow), because I switch back and forth from Windows and Linux. And today posting a reply on a thread, I noticed that the time of the message was registered not by time of forum server, but on my local time (so freshly posted message is shown as posted ‘3h’ ago rather than ‘1m’). But in terms of bumping the thread to the top in the category it still worked as freshly posted, and in my activity the time of post shows like ‘just now’ :thinking:

I have no idea how it can be relevant to anything, just a weird piece of information about how forum works, I guess :grimacing:

EDIT: This message too, as you can see!

I’m not seeing it. For me I see this posted as 2 minutes ago

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Hmmm, so it seems that what time is shown depends on what time I have set on PC? But then with my local time these posts would be 3h in the future? (maybe it’s only positive mod from time difference between local and server time)

On my phone (1h):

On PC (2h):

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The only way I can replicate this is when I manually set a time and choose a different time zone. If I only change the timezone, I don’t see this happening.

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Yes, I also replicated it with manual time change for a screenshot (because before I synced it). I think in threads the time of message posted is derived with absolute value function of time difference, and in other places - from server time without using local time (it’s odd though to use different mechanisms)

Hum… I would double check that not just the time is set right, but specially if the timezone on the device settings is the correct one and is the same in all devices. In other words, even if the time looks right, the device may be set to a different timezone and create some confusion on the calculations due to that.

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Hi @paulo, that happens here, too - I wondered why some topic that I got a notice about as being new had really old time stamps:

Also the timestamps that are shown to me in this topic aren’t correct - except for my own: