To our Canadian members re low rate stamps

Good day :canada: members, where can I locate small currency stamps like 10 cents or 30 cents, on our postal site, the pages keep jumping and will not follow through with any inquiries or clicking next page number…. is there a place to buy in bulk…. .


Try entering “definitive” into the search bar here:


It is still jumping , that was the page I was one, are you able to scroll through each page! I even tried it on iPhone, iPad and laptop…?

Ok worked now, I refreshed and removed cookies…thanks so much….

I have never been able to get the Canada Post website to work. However, if you just go to the post office and ask for a sheet of whatever denomination you want, they will accomodate you. I do not think they sell low denominations at a discounted price for bulk, just regular domestic stamps. Also, I could be wrong but I do not think they have 30 cent stamps.

eBay also sells a lot of low denomination postally unused stamps

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It does. And often for less than face value. Just be careful of shipping costs.

Meghan i will check that out too….found out i can use Canadian stamps as long as i add value for other countries…. That was a surprise- i was always purchasing us and international… which as you know are very limited in design…… toodles


Many of us use 3 P stamps (92 cents each) for variety on international mail.

You’re overpaying by 5 cents, but it’s worth it for the variety.

And currently I’m not fond of our int’l stamp - it’s a great postcard, but a terrible image for a stamp. The previous one with an iceberg & house in Newfoundland was terrific & everyone loved receiving it.

So I’m hoping for a new one in 2023.


Sometimes you can get good deals on eBay, but you need to be aware that lots of used stamps (washed stamps which are illegal to re-use) & presented as new stamps or fraudulent stamps show up there too.


This was shared with me just this week Lynn and i so agree we only have two international stamps and same for US …thank goodness we have a variety for our country. I ordered a collection of books… my cards will be a bit more exciting now lol. Check, new cards being printed check and lots of stickers check :joy:

You all should come with a warning….you are all such enablers

Noooooo kidding , i am so naïve about this… i will stick with ordering from post office

We only have one int’l stamp & one US stamp right now - the Cape Breton one which is fine for a postcard but a terrible image for a stamp & the Kootenay Nat’l Park stamp for the US.

And yes, the website store is terrible & it’s been almost a year like this since they launched it. Somedays it’s fine, somedays not but it’s very hard to tell what is actually available - they often have stamps listed that have not been available for a long time which is frustrating.

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I was adding Christmas ones too i have both… i Thought it was me . The site is terrible. I agree with you… and they know about this? I only ever used it for business -i did not need stamps. I do go into local p.o. Rarely do they have anything new. Guess i will have to check out other big city ones

Ah, I don’t count the Xmas ones as they are pretty time limited and they often come out too late for a lot of the Christmas mail on Forum.

I get most of my stamps online b/c most convenience outlets don’t have much stock. You just have to be patient & keep trying. And yes, they know, it boogles that it hasn’t been fixed yet - Cda Post is not without resources.

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Yes it’s great fun! I hate using the international stamp.

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I find if you stick with a few trusted sellers and aren’t too picky about what you get you can get at least face value. But I’m always wary of too good a deal assuming it’s fraudulent in some way. I’ve probably missed out on some great deals on legitimate stamps because of this but I don’t want to accidentally commit mail fraud :rofl:


I think we can all agree we now have choices yeahhhhhhh… if we can get them …

Lets continue being a tornado of happiness!

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Yeah, it took me a while to learn about washed stamps presented as new ones, but now I know so I avoid them.

It’s the fraudulent ones - they’re so good apparently you’d need to be an expert to detect them - it’s billions of dollars a year business. We just have to do our best as we can.


I found a great source for ‘vintage’ stamps with different monetary denominations via Toronto’s First Post Office. I like that they also have a list of all the domestic rate stamps that are currently available. It makes it easier to purchase than using the Canada Post site although I have purchased a lot of stamp booklets via the CP site in recent months.