TIP: Don't Buy Too Many Small Denomination Stamps

I can personally attest that you will never need 100 $0.01 stamps. Unless of course, you run out of everything else and you’re shipment of stamps won’t be here until the new year. Yipp…Note to Self and Everyone Else Buy the higher cost stamps. You won’t look like a maniac with nearly 40 stamps on an envelope.


Those envelopes look awesome, though :smiley:


In this case I can’t agree with you. Of course you need a few hundreds of 0,01whatever stamps. At least for exercising some postal nonsense.


I would disagree. I bought a gigantic roll of 1 cent stamps and even though I definitely have not used them up yet, I find them useful. I can mix and match them with other stamps, use them to fill up a postcard if someone asks a postcard to be filled with stamps, and put them on postcards that are sent in envelopes. They can also be used on bills if you’re feeling annoyed at them. I personally don’t really care if I look like a maniac using them.


Honestly, I think it would be kind of cool to cover an envelope with a bunch of low value stamps. I just wish I could see the faces of the postal workers handling the envelope! “What on earth?! :thinking: :thinking:


ahhhh how I wish we still had those!!


It looks like a pattern. :heart_eyes:

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I haven’t taken them in yet. I was gonna put them in the mailbox for the post man to pick up, but I might drop 'em off.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I have a shipment of stamps coming in the new year with 10x $0.10, 5x $0.05, 5x $0.03, 5x $0.02, and 5x $0.01.

These are the new stamps I’ll be getting in the first week of 2021.


I feel ya. Out of US postcard stamps myself so I guess this will do!!


I had a lot of low value stamps (Norwegian stamps), and used envelopes to send postcards. The envelope was covered with stamps (to get to the right value).


Oooooh, the 2020 version is there … I may have to place an order!

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I have done that before when I ran out of “big” stamps. :smiley: I don’t know what people thought about that, but to me it was oddly satisfying. :grin:


For me personally, I always need a big stash of low denomination stamps to make up the shortfall of the bigger denomination stamps, so that I can use a wider variety on an item I’m mailing out. Otherwise every single postcard I send would have no variation but just a single stamp, which is kind of boring!


I think this also depends on the country. In the UK most domestic stamps are “Non Value Indicated” (like a US Forever Stamp, valid whatever the current postage rate) but international stamps aren’t. So when there’s a price rise it’s necessary to make up the value of stamps with more stamps. I hate overpaying postage (Royal Mail is now privatised so any overpayment is just a gift to the shareholders) so I need a variety of stamp values to make up the postage.

New rates from Jan:

International Standard: £1.70 (exactly equivalent to two first class stamps, hurray!)
International Economy: £1.45 (equivalent to two second class stamps plus 13p. 13 is a prime number, so while I could use, say, a 6p and a 7p stamp, when the rate changes again it will probably need a different combination, so I keep 10ps, 5ps and 1ps in which help to make up values more easily.

I have had comments from friends on how I have made up the value of postage on both inland and international envelopes!


Looks a bit like stamp tetris. :rofl:

I do agree that you should always have some higher-denomination stamps in stock, especially in countries that have forever-like stamps where the value automatically increases (Germany doesnt have any :frowning_face:) . However I often need low-denomination stamps, as I like to use more variety than the few 95 cent stamps (current international postcard rate). I really like using two 45 cent commemorative stamps (old domestic postcard rate) plus a 5 cent definitive or 2+3 cent definitives. germany does some cool panorama se-tenants, so for view cards I use the Rothenburg ob der Tauber se-tenant, for UNESCO World Heritage Site cards the Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz se-tenant. So while stockig up on them and some 70 cent commemoratives (old domestic letter rate), I also bought 200-stamp coils of 2 cent, 5 cent (2 coils, I really use them a lot), 10 cent, 15 cent, 20 cent and the so far only wet-gum commemorative stamp coil ever (45 cent). I dislike self-adhesive stamps (can’t be sure the glue won’t destroy the paper in a few decades), but there re no wet-glue coils available of the 3 cent and 8 cent definitives, so I had to go for the self-adhesive variant. That order should suffice for about half a year (there are tags, RRs, and outside-Postcrossing activities…) There are also automate stamps (where the value is only imprinted when you buy it), they can be bought from 1 cent in 1-cent increments, so I sometimes use them for the more weird commemorative denominations (older domestic letter rates included 56, 58, and 62 cents), but they are twice as largethan regular definitive stamps (commemorative size), so on postcards they’re a bit difficult to use.


Postcards go up a penny mid January.

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Nothing wrong with having low denomination stamps. I like doing stuff like:


As I’m a huge record collector I often get those record-sized cardboard mailers. This one is by far my favorite one. There are 13,25 euros worth of old French franc stamps on it. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a gazillion of stamps on one mail piece.


In Italy most commemorative issues are for domestic rate (B), so for international shipments I always miss 5 (B zone1) and 20 cents (B zone 2) if I want to use them instead of the usual definitives.
It wouldn’t be possible as well to do mailed FDCs, unless overpaying, and with current tariffs I think they’re more than enough.
Low value stamps are rare since the introduction of letters on stamps, so when I’m lucky to find some, I take the entire sheet :wink:

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