Things on Postcards that You Did Not Enjoy Reading Written by Postcrossers ? :(

@DawnMarie3203 Maybe 1% of the people, that write my first name incorrectly (incorrectly for ME!) are dyslexic! Even though there are virtually NEVER any problems with the spelling of my address or the numbers in my address.

It is just that some people think they know better, how to spell my first name. I won’t say from which country, but the incorrect spelling of my first name comes at a rate of at least 80% from the same country. :roll_eyes:

@Izzy2018 I seriously don’t think to ask for a “touristy” card is over complicated. Or to get inspired by having a quick look at my favourites, to get an idea, what I like. Even one page of them says a lot about my likes. :wink:


I’m the one who could write this. :blush: For me this would be interesting.
It’s so hard to know what people don’t like!

I once told a member, their name means thing X in Finnish. They wrote, “why does everyone from Finland write it to me, I know it already”. How can I know?

Later, I forgot some are annoyed by it, and told again. Then after mailing it, I saw they got over 100 cards from Finland and was prepared they are annoyed, but they told no one wrote about it, and was very interested about it, and thought it’s funny.


Have you experimented with reading/writing on a paper that isn’t white? Pastel colors often help people with dyslexia.


Both my first name and surname are often misspelled, but unlike you, it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s not serious. :joy: My name is Milja, but it’s often spelled Milya or Milija. My surname ends with one n letter but especially Germans write it too often with two n’s. Haha. There are also other “difficult” letters in my surname. I don’t understand why people can’t copy it correctly. It doesn’t just happen here, but also among other Finns. :roll_eyes:


The fun of postcrossing is giving small windows to strangers to look into your life so for me what you said makes no sense :sweat_smile:


As there are at least two different possibilities to write your name I don’t think this is because people are inattentive or some like that. I think it’s more like to what version they are used to.

My name’s written with a “c”. Until today some (not just a few tbh) people tend to use the “z” version instead. When I was a child I really got angry about that. It culminated in me making nasty remarks towards such people. Or I did the same and deliberately misspelled their names. From my current point of view as a person in her mid-40s, total nonsense and childish behavior, I know. But at that time I could actually have stressed myself out so much :sweat_smile:


@Angelthecat :rofl:

Yes, a small window, but you are still a stranger and should not expect pepole to tell secrets or go much into deep, imho.

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I have to write again, and admit, the word “meaningful” maybe I took too seriously. (Meaningful, the message would have some importance, be useful, significant etc.) Topics you mentioned to me are ordinary. (I would not think a message about my life or breakfast is meaningful to someone), So I also think you are not expecting others wo write meaningful messages, if you don’t do it yourself. Right? And ordinary is enough.

I find “people like you” a little intimidating :laughing: :hugs: (this is half joke, although the utterly rude makes me think, really, wishing happy postcrossing is utterly rude to someone :slight_smile: ?

I don’t like card like that either, or I prefer cards with longer message, but really do you get these all the time, and is this what you meant meaningless? Then I could almost guarantee, it’s just bad coincidence, and you will get the normal messages in most of the cards.


That’s very interesting. Most of the postcards I order now are not white. I don’t think I’ve had an issue with them but I’m also EXTREMELY careful at least with the address. Maybe I need to order colored envelopes for my cards.

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Oh well just a thought. Sorry about those people. I promise if I ever get your bane to send a card to I’ll work hard at spelling your name correctly

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if it is the only message… yes.
I have never minded about the content of a message, everything is welcome, but no message plus a card without any relations to me, that has a factory-like quality for me.

naturally writing about the weather is not “meaningful”, but there are profiles that ask for exactly that, I do not mind complying.


@DawnMarie3203 :+1: If you don’t manage, don’t worry, I’ll remember your posts here! :hugs:

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I did not appreciate being asked “Are you related to a certain Nazi war criminal?” by one sender.


Wow, I always try to write in a friendly manner, I read everyone’s profile and talk about things they like (if I can) I even ask questions. Which is probably weird since it’s a postcard sent not exchanged but I was brought up to believe that you don’t center a conversation on you. I’ve had 5 logged in so far, 1 person pm’d back and answered my questions. :joy:


For reading, colored plastic sheets (we used to cut up used document wallets and folders at the school) placed over book pages worked a charm. Some liked pale yellow, others preferred pale blue. Worth a try.


Thats’ interesting how apartment dimention may vary from country to country!
In Italy, a single bedroom bust be at least 9 m2 with a window, and a double bedroom 14 m2 (there may be exceptions for apartments in very old buildings in historic centres). While an apartment (with a place to cook, to rest and a bathroom) must be at least 28 mq.
So I would definitely call a 20 m2 apartment as “tiny”

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I’d ask if you are named after a song by Little Richard …

Well ouch…a card that just came had a message about Christopher Columbus. For those who don’t know: he is not seen as a hero by the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Sad way to start a Monday morning.


Definitely! Thank you