Things on Postcards that You Did Not Enjoy Reading Written by Postcrossers ? :(

Hello fellow Postcrossers,

Have you received postcards sent by Postcrossers with something written on them that you did not quite enjoy reading ?

As for me, most postcards I received have been pleasant to read, but I tend to ask 3 people / things that come to their mind when they hear Japan, and there was one time I did not quite enjoy reading when this Postcrosser in certain Europian country mentioned on an official postcard to me :

Tiny flats

Well, it may be true in bigger cities in Japan but I did not quite enjoy reading it :frowning: Tiny ?? She did not mention Small flats.

A word tiny is generally used for something much much much smaller than something small, correct ? As in tiny insects or tiny piece of rice, for examples ?

Edited to add - July 2023

I already had enough answers in this thread for my comment on “tiny flats” remarks, so please refrain from commenting on this one from now on. Please comment on your own experience on what you did not enjoy reading written on a card. Thank you.

How about your postcard experiences so far written and sent by Postcrossers ?


I think the “tiny apartment” is even a trend, and there has been articles about such in many places, it is not meant as miniature and for me it has no negative sound to it, only “cute” tiny. Small is normal small like, but tiny has some innovative functions.

I’m often a little worried if I am asked to write something like that, because it’s often a stereotype or some famous person the receiver might not like that first come in mind.


I wonder to what extent are small flats in Japan? I heard that there is a type of house in Hong Kong called “Nano” flats, which is below 200 square feet if I remembered correctly. Well I think tiny can be used to describe houses too, given that relative to normal houses in my area those nano flats are less than 10% of that size.

Generally I’m quite happy with what I receive, but I do dislike receiving cards from swaps that have only one sentence or even an incomplete one, introducing something I can see at first glance, or cards that just have “thank you for swapping”. To me I feel saddened because if they write like that it means that they want only the card, and nothing else :sweat_smile:


My least favourite thing I see written on postcards is my own name, misspelled. And they always go for Elena!


And my answer, I have received some that I did not enjoy reading, but still appreciated.
(I ask what is on your mind, and often get very personal things too, which are not necessarily enjoyable, but it’s what I ask and am prepared to read such.)


One time, this person made some snarky, spiteful remarks (which I won’t repeat here). I calmly replied that they should stop and look at their own country who engages in religious persecution. They threatened to report me to P-Xing for “discrimination.” I encouraged them to do so, and while they were at it, to tell the Admins that I registered their piece of crap (not a postcard). Crickets…


Mostly generic messages on tags or round robins that are about the text part on the card (like when there is a theme to write about - let’s say movies - and someone writes about the weather.) it’s very annoying to me.
I understand receiving those messages on the website because, well, they got my address randomly and we might not be a good match, but we join these tags/rr specifically because we want a more personal message so why do people even join it?

Other than that, I had a couple of situations that were a bit uncomfortable (religious messages talking about my queerness) but it’s rare, so while it’s not cool to read it, at least it’s not something that really happens all the time (thankfully).

People used to misspell my name in the past, but it’s not something that really bothered me.



In Japan, the smallest single apartment room would be 4 and a half Tatami Mats in size. One Tatami Mat is about 1.76 × 0.88 meter long. For Western people, this room would be a bit too small.

We also have 6 Tatami Mats single room apartments.

Also, 8 Tatami Mats rooms are around.

My room is about 7 Tatami Mats in size with a slightly big separate storage space. I do not find my room tiny at all …


There will always be an element of "lost in translation ". I’d hope they didn’t intend the tiny flat remark to be insulting. Here in the UK homes are getting smaller. Certainly too small for enough furniture. Some second bedrooms are so small you can’t get a single bed in it! Flats in some countries might be small but they also have amazing space saving ideas.


It’s not that big of a deal, but when Postcrossers misspell my name. It’s written two times on my profile (description + address), but I still get so many variations of my name.


I once received a postcard from a neighbouring country who mentioned the war of our countries with a personal touch to it…I myself never mention politics of any kind in postcrossing so I was taken aback…other than that I only mind when someone doesn’t write anything at all! It happened a few times


When people don’t use my name for the greeting, but instead the username. I don’t get it. My name is in my address and shown on the profile :thinking: It’s not a huge deal, but I don’t really understand it.


As a pair to this, people who don’t sign the card with their name or at all! Just Here’s my town, I have a cat, hope you’re well. The end.


This! I don’t get what’s so difficult about my name - Evelien - either. I usually get Eveline, Evelin, Evelyn or Evelein, it happens quite often. :sweat_smile:


@clubpostcards you must be able to substitute small or tiny for tiny or small. And then you managed to solve your own problem.

Currently I read Fumio Sasaki’s Goodbye Things. About Japanese minimalism. Fumio lives in a 20m2 appartement and wants to move to a 12m2. Capsule hotels are also typical Japanese.
I would like to visit Japan! Prefer a ryokan above capsule.


And to be on topic. Receiving a card that was mixed up with ID and name. ‘Hi Kate, a catcard for you’, wondering which card Kate got and I did not.


the thing I hate most are postcards without any meaningful text. I get them all the time. And I wonder how it can be enjoyable to write 10.000 cards (these cards are always from people that send out thousands of them) like a factory, without a personal touch… I would get utterly bored (as I am when reading cards without real messages).


I also don’t care for the generic text which doesn’t seem to share anything of them or respond to anything of me. But I figure it’s all part of the diversity of life - some people don’t have much depth to them while others (enjoyably!) do; some people are temporarily just going through the motions (and I hope they will soon find enough energy to do more than that); some people are not well (and I wish them better health). Balancing this, in every week there is at least one Postcrosser (and often many more) who really wants to connect and that is worth many more mundane responses.

And if there is an occasional small-minded person, remember how many lovely people you have found here - zillions, it seems like! :blush:


@peacelike Protest on you. I put effort in almost every card sent from home and a bit less in Travel Mode.
It takes me around 15 to 30 min to fully write decorate stamp inkstamp washi my one card.

If you contiue your hobby you might get your 10,000. But many users bore out far before this number.


I almost never use a name at all, so far no one has ever said anything to me about it.

I think I have received only a couple of cards with no message, and a couple that were full of meetup signatures. Everyone else has made an effort to write something.