The shortest distance?

which of your postcards has covered the shortest distance?


263 km

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216 Miles


2 of my postcards back in 2013, when we could send to Malaysia (restricted now because of COVID-19).

Distance was just 24km, literally across the border.


Just 444km to my northern neighbor in British Columbia! :canada:

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10km. Probably typical for North Rhine-Westphalia, a very densely populated area!


My shortest as far as I know is 96 miles. I’ve been to the city it went to, actually.

19 km


393 km

Mine shortest was 54km

My shortest distance was about 3 km, but it was for a tag in the forum, not an official card.

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When I lived in Hong Kong, I sent cards twice to Guangdong Province(home to Shenzhen and Guangzhou), just across the border in China. They both were 11 miles/17 km trips but one took 15 days and the other 60 days!

My shortest domestic card was sent within my state and was 34 miles/54 km- a 5 day trip!

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Here is my shortest officially:

Unofficially about 40 miles. :slight_smile:

Shortest official:

I sent an exotic card, since we both already had our own State cards.

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98 miles, Portland to Eugene

54 km

I was surprised because I thought you couldn’t send so near!

I can’t find the card - the sender must have moved. But I got one from another Melbourne suburb about 14 km away. We lived on the same train line, and the sender mentioned she could see my place from the train.


Mine is probably the shortest but took the longest … 9km from Malaysia to Singapore but it took 68 days to arrive :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I do think the stats are a bit off though cause my home to the border is already much further than 9km :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


152 km

My shortest sent was 81 km

And my shortest received 94 km