The most special postcard you ever received

After being in postcrossing for many years,I do receive many special postcard,I need to sort them out I guess, some postcards are made by special material, or in special shape, or just means sth to you,here are two cards I have by my side to show how special they are.

one is I got yesterday,a message in a bottle postcard,isn’t it everyone dreaming to get it?

one is from a swap many years ago,which is always showing in my bookcase.
a real piece of Berlin wall on the postcard.


I have received a banknote from Iraq


Wow, Qi, you’ve got some unique pieces of mail! I live in Berlin right now and I’ve seen many shops selling cards with a piece of the wall. They’re super expensive though, which is why I’ve never bought them. You’ve got a piece of history!

My special postcard doesn’t come in a weird format or anything… It’s just something I’m very proud of and it’s one of my favourite pieces in my collection.

This card comes from Noril’sk, which is the world’s northernmost city that has more than 100,000 inhabitants! Such an extreme place – the temperature was -39 °C when the postcard was sent! I’ve always wanted to visit Noril’sk and I hope that, one day, I’ll be able to see this city for myself!

The back of the postcard is also covered in text… The sender’s handwriting is super small and super neat! She told me about her city, and we kept in touch afterwards. She sends me pictures of the nature surrounding Noril’sk and every time I’m just left speechless by the breathtaking nature that can be seen at those latitudes!


I’ve only received ‘normal’ cards, but there are two that I love very much

ES-585467 because it shows the love a mother has for her children (even tho I’m not a mother myself), received for my ‘children’ collection

RU-7508069 I collect cat cards and I prefer wild cats, but I love this type of cards from, I believe, a Russian artist. If anyone can tell me who it is, let me know! I want them all, haha


There is nothing special about my favorite postcard. It depicts the American Civil War, but on the back, I was moved by the story. The man said that his friend committed suicide. At the time, my mental state was not very stable, and this story made me think about life.


I happened to have cat illustrations cards of the artist, it’s a gift from a Russian postcrossing friend,:slight_smile:

I believe it’s the Instagram page of the artist,::smiley:


I love the stories behind the postcards, that’s why I created this topic, I want to hear sth more about postcrossing friendship,:slight_smile:

Ps yes I know the Berlin Wall piece postcard is quite expensive, and I’m very thankful to the person who sent to me, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, while there are many cards that I love, the one card that popped to mind when I read your topic was this:
It was a collaborative drawing card I participated in a few years ago in the Themed Messages RR. Basically, I drew one part, sent it off to the next group member who then added to the drawing before sending it off to the next group member, and so forth. At the end, it was returned to me. You can see how it looked in the beginning (before it was completed):
I love how the card turned out. And what’s more, I appreicate the huge effort the other members in my group made so that I would have such a beautiful card. :smile:

And as if the card itself wasn’t awesome enough, since this was basically a chain card, the back is filled with beautiful stamps from all the countries of my group members as we passed the card off to each other. :wink:


@xxiiangel This seems so great! I’d love to participate in something like that one day! :grin:


There are many special cards in my collection :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: either for the image or for the message, but I find this one super cute:

Actually this is the only card I don’t have in some box or album, it’s in the middle of my little ‘‘house of books’’ :books::heart_eyes:


@Mattie07 If you don’t mind someone who can only draw very basic things, then count me in. I can’t stress “basic” enough…I’m more of a writer. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not everyone in my group did the same thing. If I remember correctly, one member asked us to draw our favorite childhood toy. And another member did not split up the card into individual spaces. Instead, she drew a background, and each member after would draw whatever they think should be on the background (trees, rivers, people, etc.). I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember what the last member’s card was about. :slightly_frowning_face: Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of those cards.


@xxiiangel Really interesting! I love both drawing and writing, maybe we could potentially swap in the future?

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@xxiiangel @Mattie07 Im in too, although this is not the aim of the thread, but i wanted to reserve a spot! :grin:


This is my most special card. It was sent by @Mindee back in 2012 in Finnish “I spy” tag. If I remember right, I was asking a card with a horse and a person. In my opinion this is definitely the most beautiful card I’ve ever received.


I received a postcard recently of the character Dobby, from Harry Potter; while it isn’t necessarily special, I was thrilled nonetheless. The sender read my profile thoroughly and picked a postcard very well suited! I appreciated it SOOOOOO much.

I have at least a dozen “most special” cards but here’s one example:

“The voices of black, indigenous, immigrant, women and trans, folks of color, illuminate the way to our future”

I work with (and for) some of these groups, and I’m in some committees that advocate for some other of these groups. This card made me teary-eyed. :heart:


If you want to I can send you a card with her illustration.

Actually I am not too experienced postcrosser with all kinds of postcards kept in uncountable albums and boxes. However there are few cards and envelopes among my mail which really surprised me.
This postcard from Singapore was traveling to me during more than 2 months. I enjoy this kinda holographic picture. It is smth like a lollipop for eyes :rainbow:

This postcard from USA tells about a xmas tree farm and IT SMELLS like pine or fur-tree! Few months passed since I received it but it is still flavorful like it’s just brought directly from forest :evergreen_tree:

This rare postcard from Germany was sent to me in an envelope together with lots of old european stamps. The oldest one is from 1943! :dizzy:

Once I received an envelope with a postcard and a small envelope inside. The small envelope is unusual for me! It is from Austria from the year of 1976 and dedicated to the millennary of Carinthia. It has its own stamp as well :email:


Wow both are very interesting & the one from Berlin has to be a wonderful piece of history

Just yesterday I received a folded card coming from France WITHOUT an envelope. My address was written on the very back side, and there was the stamp. The ID-number was behind the picture and a message on the other side. I think it was a luck, that it went all the way without destruction.

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