The first Postcrossing card from my country

Just out of curiosity I wanted to check the first card sent out from my country and so checked for IN-1 and what do you know? It was sent on 22 Jul, 2005 to Brazil 19 Aug, 2005 and it was sad to see both accounts are now closed. Have you checked the first card sent from your country?


I don’t know what happened to JP-1 and JP-2, but JP-3 was sent in August 2005 to Germany, taking 7 days. Both accounts are now closed. That’s a little sad but understandable - I’ve been a part of different online forums for about the same amount of time and most of the people who were around in 2005 have disappeared from the sites - it’s pretty common I think.


The first card from Austria was sent to Portugal in July 2005. Both accounts are now closed.


The first German postcard was sent in July 2005 to @meiadeleite :smiley:

Edit: 155 km from Germany to Portugal :thinking::thinking::flushed:


The first one from Chile was sent in August 2005 to Portugal, by an user with open account to a now closed account. But the sender hasn’t connected in 3 years, so I will count it as a closed account too :frowning:


GB-1 was sent on 24 July 2005 to Brazil. The UK user hasn’t logged on for over 7 years, but the recipient in Brazil is still active.


US-1 was sent to Portugal. The sender’s account is closed; the recipient is still a member, but long inactive. I’m surprised the account hasn’t been de-listed…


The first postcard from Russia, RU-1, was sent on August 14. 2005 to Portugal, and it took it 12 days to get there, Both sender’s and recipient’s accounts are closed now…
I wonder what was number of my firts card ))) So I checked it out. It was RU-20519 in June, 2008. So It took 3 years to send 20500 cards from Russia. And now 18 years later we are close to 10 000 000 card 0_0


FI-1 was sent from the town where I studied at university. I was quite suprised when I found out this because I had thought that the first Finnish card must havd been sent from Helsinki or some bigger city.


Paulo wrote this in PT-1 comment:
In the early days of Postcrossing we didn’t track the original coordinates of origin/destination of a postcard, so when a person moved, the postcards “moved” with him/her.

We have fixed this a few years ago for new postcards, but for the older ones we don’t have a way to know the original coordinates (if the person moved in the meantime).

…except, of course, if it’s this one! I’ve manually updated it to reflect the original data. 1 km was more like it :).


SG-1 was sent on 3 Sept 2005 to someone in Portugal. It took 19 days and travelled 11833km.
Both accounts have been closed

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Ah, thank you.

NO-1 and NO-2 wasn’t found, but NO-3 was sent to France. Both accounts are now closed.

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Postcard SK-1 was sent from Belgium :belgium:???! What?! :thinking:

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Here the explanation


Thank you.

:postbox:Postcard NL-1 was not found, postcard NL-2 has been sent to Portugal :portugal: , to @ambs.


For Türkiye; TR-1, TR-2, TR-3TR-4… (not found)

TR-7 is the first postcard from TĂĽrkiye to Portugal and sadly both accounts are closed :pleading_face:

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For Australia:

AU-1 Australia :australia: → Portugal :portugal: 14JUL2005 - it took 51 days to travel and both accounts are now closed.

AU-2 Australia :australia: → Portugal :portugal: 20JUL2005 - it took only 9 days to travel!!! The sender account is now closed but the receiver is still active!

AU-3 Australia :australia: → USA :us: 20JUL2005 - it took 12 days to travel! The sender is still active but the receiver is not (account closed).

Ahhhhh the travel times back then (for cards 2 & 3! It was like Australia was actually situated on earth with the rest of you back then, rather than out near the moon…where it has obviously drifted in the interim…:grimacing::rofl::+1:t2:.