The best cards you have sent

We always talk about the best cards we have received, but how about the best we have sent? Have you sent a card that made the receiver especially happy or did you just loved the card yourself (but still sent it)? Do you have any favorite cards you end up buying more because you like them (and then having hard time to part with them)?

This one is one of my favorites, not because of the style but the history. On the card you can see the border of Norway and Sweden before Sweden switched to right-hand traffic back in 60s. The drivers had to changes lines at the border. I thought the card was really interesting, but ended up sending it anyway. If I ever come across another of these ones, I will have to keep it.

I always remember this one because although I really liked the design (and I still have few more from the artist and having hard time to decide if I should send or not), the receiver was very happy with the card which again made me happier of it :slight_smile:

Absolutely loved this simple design. The flower is the official flower of my county, our moose population is incredible, and the view is exactly what I see everyday. Sadly I haven’t found more of these, but I did keep one for myself.

How about your favorite sent cards?

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It looks like it was really simple, but this pic is from Storlien which even at this day is very quiet crossing place. They might have bit more complex system in south part of the border. Or the traffic just wasn’t a problem those days.

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This is one of my favourites because it is such a big monument for Newcastle and the north east of England, and I know that every time I see the Angel of the North, I am almost home. You can see it from the road and also from the train I take from London to Newcastle. Hopefully when I go home in December, I can get some more Newcastle postcards. These were from 2010 and the company are no longer in business!

I also love sending this postcard of my dog, Inca, and it makes my day when other people are glad to receive it. I took the photo in 2012 and won the Kennel Club’s Young Dog Photographer of the Year with it, and it remains one of my favourite photos. I’m always glad to spread the Inca love around the world!


I have a couple of artists I’m fond of that have published books of postcards. Sending anything from Tom Gauld’s The Snooty Bookshop makes me happy:

Cards from AdamJK’s What I am trying to say to you are also fun to send:


My most favorite one is: “The Chosen One” from Jiří Zuzánek; to be honest I really like it too.

From recent ones I like this bird one or Stone Organ by Ladislav Renner. If you are poppies lover, then this is great too! It’s from Daniela Roulová Plocková

But overall, I am trying to fullfill wishes and I just like to read the Hurrays!


One day after the 45th U.S. president’s inauguration more than 200.000 people joined the “Women’s March on Washington” to protest against the president’s racist and sexist statements. A young designer from L.A. created a poster for this protest march. It shows actress Carrie Fisher in her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars and the writing “We are the resistance”.
I asked the designer to print her poster on postcards. We agreed to donate a small amount of money for each printed postcard to an U.S. environmental organisation, the president just had stopped financial support to.


I love this one very much! I was sad to send it!


Oh dear, I have a bunch of them.

One of my most favoured cards (10 likes) and I don’t wonder why. Such a beautiful snowy landscape.

These cinnamon buns are just so delicious! :yum:

Also these pancakes look so yummy. :pancakes:

A breath taking night view of Helsinki Cathedral.

The scan doesn’t make justice to the amazing colours of this card.

One of my hand-crafted mail art cards and I am so proud of this one. :blush: :postcrossing:

A bad photo of the card, but it’s beautiful and has a nice quote. (“Catch the moment, it’s a beautiful memory of tomorrow”)

A lovely Moomin book cover illustration.

One of the cats in a cat café in Helsinki. S/he looks so happy and fluffy that I wanna cuddle him/her! :heart_eyes_cat:

Another nice quote and delicious sweets.


One of my favourites is this one:

It is a painting by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Sunshine on Snow, 1906. I saw this painting in an exhibition and I kept returning to it. Watching from a distance it looked exactly like a window. It was late winter and we had sunny days and piles of snow, just like in the picture. It also reminded me of similar sunny days spent in the woods. I loved the painting so much I had to buy a couple of cards with this image. There are some Finnish painters that I like more than Gallen-Kallela, but this painting really appealed to me.


There are so many… My favorite views are:


Katja Saario’s fox cards are wonderful:

Minna Lehväslaiho’s illustrations are awesome:

And many people collects Inge Löök and Moomins, I have always them at my stock:

My personal favorites are cards with foods:


I think, the most beautiful card I ever sent is this one:

I also like this one very much:


I’ve only been here since July so haven’t sent many cards yet, but of those I have sent so far this is my favorite:

I bought it in New Zealand thirty years ago :open_mouth:

An amazing country for sure.


I agree that those are very nice @Mosshumla, but the best card you ever sent was this:

I know it’s not an official postcrossing card, but it’s maybe the best card I’ve ever gotten :spider: :spider_web:


Here are some bird cards that I really love.

This kangaroo has so much personality

And I loved this aerial landscape series.


I agree on Angel of the North. I live in the USA, and I’m from Sunderland. Also significant for me is seeing the bridges over the River Tyne (Tyne Bridge and High Level Bridge), and also River Wear (Wearmouth Bridge).

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Here are a few I love very much:

These are actually ad cards! One of the reasons I don’t understand why some people don’t like them:

And this one is dear to me as it reminds me of my holidays :blush:


The best card I ever sent, and the one with the most favourites, is GB-247062, which I sent to a lucky Postcrosser in Russia a few years ago. It shows a Dalek at Land’s End, the most south-westerly point on England’s mainland. Sadly the postcard publisher, J Salmon, went out of business two or three years ago, so it’s no longer possible to obtain this card, except possibly second-hand.


My card with the most likes


And the second …

And the third

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