Thank you for postcards received - North America

Thanks to @KristinaGisela for her card from the Wiscopex Meetup!
Plenty more familiar names, too!

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Thank you @Michelle305 for the ADORABLE hot air balloon card! I absolutely love it! I’ve never ridden in one either - I’m kind of a chicken about it! Maybe someday…

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Thank you @CrimsonKing for this donkey card. I mostly like them, unless I have to live or sleep near one (They are LOUD!)

Thanks @pixxi88 for the koala bear card for the sticker tag <3 I often wonder if their fur is soft like a cat or more like a horse or something?

Not completely sure who to thank for this one (username at least) but thank you Margaret for this fun card. For the “request a color” tag - makes me want some chocolate milk, or cookies, or both

and thank you @cookiedoe for this fun bunny and chick card. Makes me think of the “dick and jane” books from way back when!


Card from Favourites tag: thanks a lot @inkandpaper for this amazing California UFO card, I love it!! Have a great spring, Heather.


Thank you @NAMsMommy for the postcard for Poem on your pillow day for the NA Perpetual Holiday tag.

I got to pet one last year! They’re super soft and fluffy. :wink:

NA I Want [something related to computers] tag

@inkandpaper - This one made me smile. Thank you.

@kanosis sent an extra card for the NA perpetual holiday tag because the mail is so slow…

Thank you for the extra card!

Mermaids are cool.

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Thanks @ladybug513 for the meetup card!

I still haven’t ventured to a meetup.

Maybe one day.

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NA Request an Animal Tag - thank you @potatertot for the very beautiful butterfly card! I’ve not seen this one and it’s exactly my style - love it! :heart:

NA Lou Paper Tag - thank you @NAMsMommy for my first Lou Paper state card! I’ve never been to Idaho, but it always looks so pretty in photos (and in this illustration). I need to make my way there sometime!

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Thanks to @mcrxmy for the envelope of cards for NA Taking Out the Trash x4! I really like them all, and I appreciate that each is so different from the rest! Very cool! Thanks again :grin:

NA to NA happy mail tag

from @Annazon

US to US request an animal

from @pixxi88

thanks to both :yellow_heart:


Perpetual Holiday Tag
@kanosis sent me this grinning little pup for International Chihuahua Day. Cute but I agree, Maria - bigger dogs are preferable. Thanks for the card! I love the washi and stickers you used, too.

Thank you @hootnoodle for the Perpetual holiday card: “Sherlock Holmes” day

Thank you @antoniaseagull for this fun Tom Sawyer card

And thank you @thestarsandthesky for the beautiful bird card for request a color

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@hootnoodle Thanks for the overstuffed envelope of Trash! My favorites are the bird’s eye view of the road through the forest, and the sea lions (though I admit that I didn’t know what they were till I looked at the back :rofl: :rofl:)

NA Perpetual Holiday Tag

@StephofYorktown - illustrations of a cherimoya and an atemoya to celebrate “National Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day.” Thank you. I haven’t tried either of those, and don’t remember ever seeing one in a store or a market. I looked them up to learn about them. I just had a traditional apple with cheese for a snack.

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NA Perpetual Holiday
@SharonMI sent this fun “Tea Rex” for International Tea Day. Thank you! :teapot: I hope your weather forecast turns out to be wrong and you have a sunny Memorial Day.


NA Perpetual Holiday tag

Thank you @NAMsMommy for the panda postcard for National Endangered Species Day. It’s sad to see some species struggle to survive and kudos to all those who help keep the species going.

Thank you @kanosis for the Bugs Bunny postcard for Bugs Day. It’s so cool that you were able to meet the person who voiced Bugs Bunny!

Thank you @StephofYorktown for the flowers postcard for Bring Someone Flowers Day. I love that spring is here and flowers are blooming so prettily! I love the flowers at Trader Joe’s too. :blush:


Not My US State Tag

@Crystalinne Thanks for the beautiful Tennessee 8 point buck! I’ve not seen deer since I moved to FL, but saw them all the time in SC.
Thanks for all the fun washi tapes as well!

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USA to USA Tag
Thank you, @Steph813 for the sweet penguin card! I love visiting the Dallas Aquarium when I’m there. I need to take my son there for a visit!

US to US Request an Animal Tag
Thank you @inlostdreams for the cute cow card! I love the stickers and washi, too!

I Want ____ Tag
Thank you @l2y for the pretty Atlanta cityscape night view! I love seeing skylines all lit up at night. Cute stickers, too!

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