Tallinn, Estonia - 05.03.2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION:
Tallinn, Estonia

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE:
Valge Ärimaja (Valge 13, 11415 Tallinn; Board room, 1st floor)

:calendar: DATE: 5th March 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00 AM (GMT +2)

:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We’ll meet in the Board room of Valge Ärimaja, close to the wonderful Kadriorg Park in Tallinn.

While we drink coffee, tea, and fruit juice, and we eat some food (courtesy of the organisers!), we meet each other, we write our postcards, we exchange experiences and so on.

If Finnish postcrossers join the meetup, a free “shuttle service” from the harbour/airport might be arranged.

I live in Tallinn but I’m not Estonian — the meetup’s “official language” will be English.

A meetup card has designed and printed. The artwork is in the comments below. Each attendee will receive 5 postcards for free. Additional copies will be available (against a very small fee).

Please note that, in everyone’s interest, the number of attendees is limited to 12 and, upon arrival, the attendees will have to show their valid vaccination passport. Thank you for your understanding.

Everyone’s welcome - if you’re planning to attend (or have any questions), just leave a note here in this thread.


  1. @sdcb
  2. @moomins (Artem)
  3. @moomins (Yana)
  4. @anon20225544
  5. @AndyTukker
  6. @cerres
  7. @andry1961
  8. @Irvinn
  9. @bodrumlu
  10. @Fidalia


  1. @kkbrk
  2. @prouakaisa

Thank you for organizing! I am interested and would gladly attend, but as March is pretty far (for me), I don’t yet know exactly whether I can come to the meetup.

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I’ll add you to the “maybe” list! I really hope you’ll be able to attend the meetup!

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What amazing news! We would definitely like to come from Tartu!
*We have one group postcrossing account, we are a family of two people - Artem and Yana. So can you please count us as two physical spots?

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Tere! Thank you for organizing! Please add me to the “Maybe” list - March is still quite far but I’d be glad to join. :slight_smile:

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Palun, @kkbrk!

Thank you, Kateryna. I’ve added your name to the “Maybe”-list. I hope you’ll be able to join us!

Tere, @moomins !

My apologies – I’ve completely missed your post.

Thank you for confirming and… see you soon!

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Hi~I’ve never received cards from Estonia, so I wonder if anyone would like to swap with me. I have Beijing meetup cards to offer:

@NoleFam Please send me a personal message!


Please add me to the “confirmed” list, I will be attending the meetup!

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Tere, @anon20225544 !

Thank you — I’m adding you to the list!

I confirm my participation.

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Tere. Thank you for organizing. I would like to participate.

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Tere, @cerres, ja palun!

I’m happy to add you to the list of attendees! And see you soon!

Hi best wishes to meet up from India.

I would like and happy to get one card from Estonia. I wish to have one. Haven’t got any one from Estonia.
Love the country very much. I’ll send good card from me.

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Suur aitäh, thank you very much, @andry1961 !

I’ll add you to the list of attendees. See you soon!

Update: The postcard has been partially amended. The final version of it is shown below:

Just to let you all know that an amazing meetup postcard has been designed.
I’m sure you already love it! :wink:


@paulo because the meetup postcards haven’t been printed, I’d be most grateful if you could confirm that the logo on the very light cornflower blue complies with the Logo guidelines. Thank you

What a beautiful postcard! :heart_eyes:

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what nice card! Is someone interested in swap? :grin:

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