[TALK] In ENGLISH - Visitors Corner 😃

Hello @chrisbonham11 this is ouR Spanish Countdown thread
I hope you spent a nice time here in our country. :kissing_heart:

Hello @Slerk this is your lucky day :grin:
I have several postcards of Canary Islands, Tenerife mostly

Here you can see the albums: Tenerife | Flickr
Canarias | Flickr

Just choose your favourite one and we can do a swap and I send to you.

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Thank you for your responsiveness, but I would like not just a postcard, but a postcard with a local postage stamp and a postmark of the Canary Islands.

@Slerk That is a little problem, mail from Canary Island are not postmark normaly like in the rest of Spain, we don´t know why but they don´t do that. About the stamps, they are the same than in the rest of Spain. There are not special stamps of Canary Islands nowadays.

People there, needs to go to the post office and ask for Turistic Postmark. But no problem, you can choose one of my Canary Islands Postcards and in a few days I can go to one of these offices and ask for it. Maybe this PostMark is ok? I am not living there but I am going to visit my relatives.

Thank you, @Maritere ! I had a grand time visiting friends in Marbella, then some solo time in Málaga before flying home. It was only my third time in Spain; the last time was nearly 10 years ago! I hope I don’t leave it so long until my next visit!


Hello people in Mexco, could you respond me?

Do you have to attach customs declarations when you send a postcard?
Today I received a postcard from Mexico with customs declarations document attached.

If it was business thing or items other than postcards, you might have to do it.
This is only a postcard and not business but hobby thing.

It made me very confused thinking I have to pay extra (normally customs duties are paid by the recipient.)

Perhaps this is a measure to ensure that mail is not lost, but it confused me anyway.

So could you explain postal situation in Mexico? Postcards with customs declarations are officially recommend?

And is that we are not obliged to pay and can be reassured about?

Thanks in advance.

Hola! This weekend I’m visiting Palma de Mallorca. Is there a larger post office there where I can buy a range of stamps? Is there a special postmark I can get? I tried looking for information about Mallorca already but I couldn’t find any… I’m sorry if I missed it! Gracias!

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There is one big office near the palace and cathedral, at Carrer Constitució 6.
Not sure if they have any special postmark there, I didn’t asked.

However, I was very surprised because I also got stamps at Sóller, in a smaller post office at the town.

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