[TALK] In ENGLISH - Visitors Corner 😃

For all you guys out there who don’t speak Spanish but wanna take part in some discussions with the Spanish Postcrossing community.

Requests for swaps, notebooks etc. can be posted here as well as off-topic chats (in English of course)

Feel free to be part of our lovely Spanish community


I agreed to send some postcards from Spain for swaps while I was on a trip there. Unfortunately I spent most of my time in Spain sick in bed. So I was not able to mail the cards I owe. Would someone in Spain be able to help me by sending these cards if I send them to you? I can offer a variety of things in return, please pm me to discuss that.

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it’s such a pitty you fell ill. I’d happyly lend you a hand on this matter. Just PM me.


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Hello everyone!
I do speak Spanish but wasn’t sure where to post about this on this language community so perhaps here would be a good place?
Could anyone from Iberia unstick this tag? It has been stuck since 13 Sep and I myself am not from Iberia so I can’t unstick it.
Best wishes,

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Hi Spanish PC-ers. I’m learning Spanish but it’s still quite basic. I would love to SWAP Postcards in Spanish with someone. I don’t mind difference in age. I’m 67 but have friends in all agegroups. I tried a SWAP before, but never received an answer to my send cards. So please only react if you are really willing to continue this SWAP. Gracias

Edit: Thank you for the responses. I’ve regular contact and swaps in spanish and am okay for now.


tools such as google translate already allow a fast and automatic correct translation of web pages and content. the user can translate the whole page or translate the text of the message you want to write. wouldn’t it be more correct to do this? precisely we non-english speakers had a safe space here with no language interference until this thread was started… so you could translate your messages into spanish and translate the responses you get. in this way, when entering the blog in Spanish, the first message that appeared would not be in English… :frowning:

Any advice on where to buy postcards in Benidorm?

Hello, can anyone please help me to translate this into Spanish?

Please don’t remove anything which is in this shelf, thank you

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Hello, @Mingfei7
For better translation, please, what is the context?

It is about food in a fridge, books, things in a shop…? It is “dont touch, dont take…?

Anyway… it depends of the context, it is one of these…

  1. Por favor, no muevas nada de lo que hay en este estante.

  2. Por favor, no toques nada de lo que hay en este estante.

  3. Por favor, no tomes nada de lo que hay en este estante.

  4. Por favor, no tires nada de lo que hay en este estante.

  5. Por favor, no cojas nada de lo que hay en este estante.

And it depends too if it to people from Spain or people from America (central and south).

it is about everything in a cupboard, including a pot, ingredients, spatula, rice cookers, cutting board, a brush for pot,

The cleaners of my apartment is going to clean the public kitchen of my apartment. their English is terrible but I once heart them chatting in Spanish

So I want to leave them a note in Spanish, asking them do not remove those

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I think they are from America?

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I guess they clean it and throw it in the trash :woman_facepalming:t3:

I think it is more:

Por favor, no toques nada de lo que hay en este estante. ¡Gracias!
It’s like “Please, don’t touch anything for this shelf. Thank you!”

Por favor, no tires a la basura nada de lo que hay en este estante. ¡Gracias!
(Please, don’t throw to the trash anything from this shelf. Thank you!)

And maybe I would write with capitol letters the word NO :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

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You are welcome!
I hope it helps you. If you need another thing, here we are. :kissing_heart:
Merry Xmas! :christmas_tree:

Hi I am looking for someone help me to translate the letter below into Spanish:

A Letter for the Agencia Boliviana de Correos(Please translate this into Spanish too)

Dear Sir/Madam;
Hello, my name is Mingfei. I am writing to you because I need your help. We are pretty interested in postcards of Bolivia. Here in this letter we have two postcards of Bolivia Flag and two international reply coupon. We have chatted with your staff online, they said you guys accept international reply coupon. Can you guys send these postcards back to us? Our addresses has been written on the postcards. And please don’t use envelopes. We would like a pictorial post mark if possible.
Thank you and have a great day.


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Of course! Here you have the translation:

Una carta para la Agencia Boliviana de Correos:

Estimado/a señor/a;

Hola, mi nombre es Mingfei. Le escribo porque necesito su ayuda. Estamos muy interesados en postales de Bolivia. Adjunto a esta carta hay dos postales de la bandera de Bolivia y dos cupones internacionales de respuesta. Hemos hablado con su personal en línea y nos dijeron que aceptan cupones internacionales de respuesta. ¿Podrían enviarnos estas postales de vuelta? Nuestras direcciones están escritas en las postales. Y por favor, no utilicen sobres. Nos gustaría un matasellos pictórico si es posible.
Gracias y que tenga un buen día.


Good luck with the letter :slight_smile:

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Hello, I try to do that! (Are you sending two postcards of Bolivia to them? with this letter, right?)

Carta para la agencia Boliviana de Correos

Querido/a Señor/Señora:

Hola, mi nombre es Mingfei. Les escribo porque necesito su ayuda. Estamos muy interesados en recibir postales de Bolivia. En esta carta les envío dos postales de la bandera de Bolivia y dos sellos de respuesta internacional. Hablé con el personal de su oficina por internet y me dijeron que ustedes aceptan sellos de respuesta internacional.

Pueden enviarnos estas postales de vuelta hacia nosotros? Nuestra dirección está escrita en las postales. Y por favor, no usen sobres. Nos gustaría tener un matasellos especial si es posible.
Muchas gracias y espero que tengan un buen día.

Muchos saludos.

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Please anyone help me!
I’m very confused about what happened to my postal package.
My daughter lives in Spain and I recently sent her my handmade soap (450g) in the package clearly stated that it’s a gift.
However, my daughter had to pay 56.18 Euros for receiving my package.
It was beyond my comprehension as in Japan I was never charged any money to receive an international package as a gift.
Does the custom office in Spain act like this all the time???


I understand your frustration and confusion regarding the situation with your postal package sent to your daughter in Spain. Customs procedures and charges can vary significantly from one country to another, and they are often based on the laws and regulations of the destination country.

In many countries, including Spain, customs duties and taxes may apply to imported goods, even if they are gifts. These charges are typically assessed based on the value and type of the items being imported. While gifts are often subject to lower duty thresholds or exemptions, there are still cases where customs authorities may impose fees, particularly if the declared value of the gift exceeds certain thresholds or if the items are subject to specific import restrictions.

It’s also worth noting that customs procedures and enforcement can vary over time, and what might have been the case in the past may not necessarily apply in the present. Factors such as changes in regulations, trade agreements, and customs enforcement policies can all influence how customs authorities assess and process incoming shipments.

To get a clearer understanding of why your daughter had to pay 56.18 Euros to receive the package, it would be advisable to review the customs declaration and any accompanying documentation provided by the postal service or customs authorities. This documentation should provide details about the charges imposed and the reasons behind them.

If you have concerns about the charges or believe there may have been an error in the assessment, you may consider reaching out to the postal service or customs authorities in Spain for clarification and assistance. They should be able to provide information about the specific charges applied to the shipment and any recourse available to address your concerns.

Overall, while customs charges and procedures can be inconvenient and confusing at times, they are typically in place to regulate international trade and ensure compliance with import regulations and tax requirements.

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