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Got the one at Potsdamer Platz! It is in the station. Thanks everyone for their help


Great! :smiley::+1:

Hey German friends! :wave: We’ve had A LOT of new members sign up in Germany in the past couple of days, and some of these newbies mention on their profile that they discovered Postcrossing from an Instagram reel…

Does anyone know which reel this is? We’d love to give the Ambassador badge to the mysterious person who helped hundreds of people discover the site! :slight_smile:


Maybe @Kaengeruine or @lara_and_ems know something about this? They are new users who already joined the forum community :slight_smile:

Hey :smiley:

No sadly we do not know anything, but we found postcrossing through tiktok honestly (but forgot the account name) - and we’re pretty sure that on this way multiple new younger people will join postcrossing cause the video had mire than ten thousands likes <3




I think I know which reel they‘re talking about! I saw it yesterday, it has a million views already.

Instagram reel


Hello fellow members! I wanted to introduce myself and ask a favor: I have collected postcards with Native American/Indigenous First Peoples themes for decades. They were easily available in my home state of Oklahoma, home to almost 50 tribes, and an affordable joy to buy while I was in graduate school. I use them in my research and have published journal articles about them. I have a blog where I discuss my cards (some serious updating will happen soon) and now the ask: I know many Native objects made their way to German museums so if you ever run across some postcards featuring these, can you please keep me in mind? I have plenty of Native cards for trade (I often give them away to my University students so I pick up extras) as well as other card topics. Here is my blog address and thank you for reading this post!


Hallo from Japan!

Could anyone offer me a card of Berlin illustration by Jiska de Waad ?

In return, I can offer either of :

  • 50 grams of Japanese stationery
  • 3 of my handmade cards, made with my hand-carved stamps in an envelope
  • 3 nice Japanese new year postcards in an envelope
  • 3 nice Japanese view postcards in an envelope
  • mix of the above

Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

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