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Not from abroad as already said some posts earlier.
From abroad you can order by phone, but you have to pay very much for shipment!

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Who from Germany wants these three postcards in an envelope?
In exchange, send me German used stamps no older than 2002 (in excellent condition with postmark ).
CLOSED (Thanks)

Hello everyone. Apologies that I can’t write in German. I will be transiting through Frankfurt airport later this month and in January, and would like to try and send a couple postcards with DE codes. Does anyone know if there are any shops at the airport where one can buy postcards and stamps?

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There used to be a German souvenir shop, I think they sold postcards there. But that was some time ago when I was last there.
I would advise you to ask at one of the Airport’s information desks if and where it still exists. Or if another shop there also sells postcards, e.g. of Frankfurt city and/or The Airport. (They also speak English.)
The shop “Press & Books” in Terminal 1 in the Airport City Mall, near the regional train station,
offers the services of Deutsche Post (source: Frankfurt Airport homepage, it’s also available in English).

Thank you! I’ll see if I can find it.

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You can also ask at at one of the Airport’s information desks where the shop “Press & Books” exactly is, if you have trouble finding it.

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Hello, my dear German speaking friends! I have something I want to ask you. I have noticed that some postcrossers have Frau in front of their name. Are these persons more formal than others or why do they prefer to keep it that way? Am I being rude if I leave it out?

That’s quite old-fashioned in an informal context like here. Nowadays you’d only use this if you write in an official or a commercial context. My opinion. Now I’ve googled it and found advise to aaaalways write “Frau” and “Herr”. We love being formal in German. :roll_eyes:
I know there are people how insist on these formalisms, depending on their background and age. So if they write their address with a “Frau”, maybe they feel more comfortable that way and I’d just add it (I cannot remember having cone across such a profile or maybe I just ignored it :thinking:). But wouldn’t stick to this formal level in my message “Dear Mrs. Mustermann…” - that’s too much (again: my opinion).
Though I wouldn’t find it rude if you’d leave it out in this informal context, yet it seems to mean something to them.

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In those cases I would write Hello Mrs. Surname and keep the text more distant, for the Frau shows me, that they prefer it that way.

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I ignore Frau / Mann, Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. in every address I write for personal correspondence.

Actually even in business context :thinking: (of course only in the address, not in my greeting!)


I always write the address as given, so with Frau if that is written there. It seems to me that if the person sees this as the proper way of writing the address, then it doesn’t cost me anything to play along - even though personally I view it as oddly formal for a friendly, casual postcard exchange.

I do not, however, address them formally in the message. I use the first name and informal pronouns - which of course doesn’t apply if you’re writing in English. It seems a stretch for me to assume they want to be addressed as Ms Lastname just because of a “Frau” in their address. Unless maybe if the profile gave a strong clue in that direction, but I’ve never encountered one like that. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though. :wink:


Hello there! Don’t know if this is the right place to ask my question, but I don’t know if it fits somewhere else.

I am visiting Vienna in a couple weeks and I want to send some postcards. Where should I buy stamps from? I found this article online:

Can someone please confirm the information of this article?

Thank you!


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Maybe @Djalima can help. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a post office on the ground floor of the main station.

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Hi! Usually there are post offices in the shopping areas in the main stations like Westbahnhof or Wien Mitte/Landstraße or Hauptbahnhof. Many tourist spots that sell postcards have stamps too, especially around the main sights in the inner city. So it’s always worth asking. Most tobacco shops (Trafik) also sell stamps, but maybe not for international mail.
A postcard from Austria to the rest of Europe costs EUR 1,20 at the moment.


Thank you so much! :heart_decoration:

Hallo, who can send me this souvenir sheet on the envelope (cover) :thinking:
I offer a card, cover from Belarus with a stamp of your choice.

I have some
i´ll send you a PM

My dear German friends,
Wishing you a happy New Year! :christmas_tree:
Wishing you peace, health, joy and interesting postcards.
And thanks to everyone who exchanged cards and communicated with me in 2022. Thank you for your kindness and friendliness :blush:
Oksana :unicorn:


Same to you! May 2023 be more peaceful!