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Ah, I see. It will most likely show up in the next few days. Mostly it’s 2-3 days ahead of the release date. But the online shop cannot be used by people from abroad. They only send within Germany.

Stamp orders from abroad may only be done by phone and delivery costs are quite pricey.


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Oh no, that is not very practical… and rather surprising that this is how it works for orders from abroad. :frowning: I guess postcrossers will have better luck getting the stamp by arranging swaps with other postcrossers.

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I think so, too. I always advise it this way when I’m asked by Postcrossers from abroad.

Germany and digitalisation is… well… :see_no_evil:

A little addition: If the mentioned number is occupied you can also dial 0961 38183900.

It happened to me last week when I ordered the Postcrossing stamp. It took me about an hour without any success (“Unsere Mitarbeiter sind derzeit alle im Gespräch, bitten versuchen Sie es zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erneut”…) I used the other number which I was given some time ago from an employee at Deutsche Post Weiden.


I think it’s also possible to order via the e-mail adress @Cassiopheia gave me a few days ago. But I haven’t tried it yet. The customer service from Deutsche Post in Weiden didn‘t mention I have to order via phone. :relaxed:

Well, sometimes orders by email are accepted, sometimes they aren’t. So I wouldn’t use it in a blog post…

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Oh really? I didn’t know that, sorry. :relaxed:

I moved to Berlin recently, and I have bought some stamps. Where do you usually buy postcards in Germany?

I buy them at souvenir shops, stationery shops, book shops and museums shops. Berlin should have plenty of all of them. Welcome in Germany.

Hello, are the measures delivered to Bulgaria and what is the price for delivery or can I exchange with someone through the forum

What do you mean with that?

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Hello, are the measures delivered to Bulgaria and what is the price for delivery or can I exchange with someone through the forum

Do you mean postage stamps?

Please, explain detailed what you mean.

Do you want to know the postage for a postcard from Germany to Bulgaria?

Do you want to know what are the maximum measures for a regular postcard sent from Germany to Bulgaria (or anywhere in the world)?

What do you want to exchange? A postcard? Informations?

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Hi all, I have a couple of questions about the following statement in the Prices of stamps for postcards in all countries/territories (wiki) “it’s forbidden to include anything except for documents in international letters as of 1. January 2019!”
-Will they put the letters in a sort of scanner to make sure one is sending just documents?
-Is it also forbidden to include anything except for documents in national letters?

No, if it’s not too obvious it will most probably go through. But still there is a slight risk.

No, you may send anything that fits in envelopes :wink:


Hallo dear friends!
Can someone help me with the translation, please?

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Many greetings and a nice golden autumn / fall! Stay healthy.

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Thank you!

I am going on a River Cruise in Germany next month and, of course, want to send some postcards! :postcard: Am I able to buy ‘special’ stamps such as the Postcrossing stamp from normal post offices or do I need to buy them online? If so, do they ship abroad and does anyone know how much it costs?

Also, are stamps only available at post offices or are there other places I can buy them? For example, some tourist shops that sell postcards sometimes sell stamps.