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Yes, stamp vending machines are slowly being phased out. There was a press release on this that I posted, but unfortunately I can’t find it anymore. Deutsche Post will also no longer repair heavily defective machines because spare parts are missing and will no longer be procured in the future.

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Thanks for the replies. I will keep my eyes peeled for surviving machines when visiting other cities.

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Hello everyone,
As I’m new in Germany and relatively new in postcrossing, I have a question for postcrossers in Germany. If I want to send a standard size postcard in an envelope, is the price still 0.95 euros? I use the mail boxes around, so I wanted to ask the community here before putting the envelope in.
Thank you and my best wishes to y’all :slight_smile:

No, it’s €1.10 then. :slight_smile:



I’m travelling to Berlin and the near area next summer. I would love to know, where to find postcards. What are the best places to buy postcards? And how about tapes, stickers and pens? I just realized Faber-Castell is German. Of course I’m going to send some tourist cards, but I would love to hear about some unique cards too.

I would really much appreciate tips! Thank you all.

Best, Milla


This might be useful, perhaps you can take a look


Hello @Ti-ti-uu_North
Welcome to the forum :smile:

Berlin is a paradise for postcrosser - you’ll find shops selling cards on almost every corner.
In our google docs document, the cities are all sorted alphabetically and you can find your way around even if you don’t know German.

I especially recommend:

Schlossstraße 101
12163 Berlin

Kinderpostershop Berlin
Bizetstraße 113
13088 Berlin


Bergmannstraße 99 a
10961 Berlin

But especially in small shops that you come across in passing, you can often find particularly unusual cards.

And nearly almost all museums also sell many different cards.

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Thank you @Seracker for linking the online shops, but I think @Ti-ti-uu_North needs the “offline” postcard shops in Berlin. :wink:

The list @bille provided is from the postcards shops topic (which is linked in my topic at the bottom of the very first entry):

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Thank you very much! Greetings from Finland.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I am travelling to Dusseldorf next week on Tuesday… and will be there until Saturday. I would love to meet up with Postcrossers if any one is around ?

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you all.
Best regards


Not sure if many people see this here - active forum members in Düsseldorf are @duesseljin, @DoroD and @Nordbaer. @frewen is also nearby. Maybe one of them can help you spread the word!


I am off to vacation for two weeks from Sunday, so sorry that I won’t be able to meet you.

Thank you. Hope to get in touch with a few of them and meet them in person.

Best regards

Next time.

What’s the difference between Kienapfel and Tannenzapfen?

One is a pine cone (Kienapfel), the other a fir cone.

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Anyone planning to go to C/O Berlin in the near future? I saw it mentioned on the forums that they have a good postcards selection. Hoping that they have the currently exhibited Daido Moriyama’s “Stray Dog” photograph as a postcard and would love to do an exchange for it.

Thank you in advance!

I am certainly going to C/O Berlin but no idea when I’ll find enough time for it. The exhibition continues to September 7th…
Generally there are a few (too few) postcards from the actual exhibition, Daido Moriyama’s stray dog might be there. I’ll let you know.

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Thank you so much!!! Will reply to DM now.