[TAG] NA Back of the Card Tag

tag @marupiter (I have your address!)

Some things that I would love to hear about :smiling_face:

  • A goal you have for 2024
  • The song you currently have on repeat
  • Your favorite comfort food and why it’s your favorite
  • A topic that you are passionate about
  • Your last vacation destination

Tag @potatertot

My options:

  1. Illustrate your favorite season
  2. A goal for 2024
  3. Describe a family tradition
  4. Something unique about your town/city

Tag @sunflak with Illustrate your favorite season

My options:

If you were stranded with only one meal choice, what would be your go-to?
Do you like Horror movies? Share your ultimate spine-chiller!
If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
What happened in your wildest dream?

tag @cookiedoe

I would like someone to write about…
a strange or surreal experience
an irrational fear that you just can’t get over
a real person you know who would be a weird character in a novel
a bad dream that truly frightened you

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tag @waydowneast

I would like to hear about
what do you do when you are feeling lonely
what unusual thing(s) do you collect
what do you love to cook
a person who you actually know who has an unusual job
a tell me about the worst place you have ever lived

Tag @i2y

I would love to hear about your favorite bird(s) and what makes you love them :heart:

Alternatively, tell me about a memory about one of your parents :slight_smile:

tag @lkmackie

I would love to hear
do you have any collections
a place I should visit if I come to your area
or tell me a joke!

Tag @NAMsMommy

I’d love to hear about:

your pet(s) and the quirky things they do
your favorite Jane Austen heroine
your favorite dessert
local news in your town

Tag @NewEnglandEllen

I would like to hear about:
:white_small_square:If you could have been born and lived your life in any time period, what would it be and why does it appeal to you?
:white_small_square:Your worst vacation ever
:white_small_square:Do you collect anything? How long have you been collecting?
:white_small_square:If you could choose your last meal - money is no object - what would it consist of?

Tag @inkandpaper

I would love to hear about your weird secrets, interesting fun facts, or strangest hobbies. Alternatively, tell me about your favorite price of media!

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