[TAG] NA Artistic Card Tag

This tag is from the old forum

Next to be tagged is @wayness

You can share the postcards you’ve received from this tag on this topic.

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tag @wayness

Tag Hootnoodle.

tag @steresem

tag @melvnoble

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Tag Hootnoodle

tag @steresem

tag @hootnoodle

Tag @wayness

tag @Crystalinne (I have your address)

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Tag @scoutingbear

I’m new and not exactly sure how this works…I assume you send me your address, I send you an artistic card, and the beat goes on? :sunglasses:

Yup! You tag, contact the person for their address, send the card and the next person to tag you will ask for your address and send you a card. There are a few tags that are the exception but generally yes.


Tag @murphy

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Tag @motsheureux

Tag @iwritedeb (I have your address!)

Great, thanks!

tag @murphy

Tag @wayness

Tag @sleepykitty

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Tag @tinkerstorm