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I’m Katharina, 36 years old and I live in a small village in beautiful Lower Bavaria/Germany.
I describe my character as very quiet and introverted. Postcrossing makes me feel very comfortable and it helps me to reach out to new people, whether it’s through pen pals or direct swaps. I would very much like to find direct swaps, postcard friends/pen pals from Japan to learn Japanese.
I used to love watching Mila Superstar on TV, because I was also playing volleyball at the time.
I also like to watch Studio Ghibli films (especially Princess Mononoke and Totoro).

I love O-Mochi ice cream, green tea and cherry blossom tea.

For my postcards to Japan I already can write こんにちは. I try to be able to write a few sentences in Japanese on the postcards with the help of a translator. If mistakes should creep in, then I ask for forgiveness in advance.

Now I’m looking for pen pals/postcard friends/swaps from Japan so that I can seriously learn Japanese. Maybe it will even work out that I can visit Japan, because it is a dream of mine that I would like to fulfill :slight_smile:

Kind regards,






今、私は真剣に日本語を学ぶことができるように、日本からのペンフレンド/はがきの友達/スワップを探しています。多分それは私が日本を訪問することができることさえうまくいくでしょう、なぜならそれは私が実現したい私の夢だからです :slight_smile:




(You don’t have to send me a blank postcard. You can play it at will on the back.)



PM送りました :blush:

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I responded to you😊

Hi I’m looking for a long -term card or penpal swapper from Japan. I’m from Italy, I am a female and i love reading, animals, postcards of course. I hope there could be someone interested in swapping with me.

I am a Chinese girl, 15 years old this year, I want to find a Japanese girl to be my pen Pal, we can exchange gifts, exchange stamps and so on
![9d5d084e47e42613|340x255](upload://sZMImRl3kAQJ59YQuBrXEniAseu.jpeg :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Looking for postcards from (smaller) japanese islands

Hi! I’m Anna, currently living in Germany.
I am collecting postcards sent from islands, and Japan is especially close to my heart - I have spent there a couple of months and was fascinated by all the regions I have visited.

I already have postcards from the main islands - Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku
and some smaller ones: Amami, Aoshima, Awaji, Hashima, Ishigaki, Miyajima, Okinawa, Tokunoshima, Yakushima and Yoronjima,
but there are of course many more islands in Japan to discover!

You can find my collection here: Every Island Project

If you would like to help me, please message me here, or at letters.from.islands@gmail.com :slight_smile: (of course I’d be happy to send you a card back from Germany or my travels!)

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Hello, I am looking for who mails/ gotochi/ watashi dayori/ 世界遺産アートポストカード and other beautiful Japanese illustration postcards. Here are my offer:Garsenda | Zonerama.com
Also looking for penpals, you can check my profile to know about me. :blush:

興味があればpmをお願い致します。 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


P.s. 香港と澳門のPostcardもあります、興味があればpmをお願い致します。:


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My name is Eliza. I’m a card collector as many of you.
I’m looking for direct swaps and want to find postcards on the following themes:

  • Moomin (Tove Jansson)
  • Bicycles
  • Zodiac sign Aries and planet Mars
  • “Cat breeds” cards

I offer different cards in exchange! They are here: Обменник Лиза К — Яндекс Диск and Люминесцентные открытки Лиза К — Яндекс Диск

Please, write me a message if you are interested in a swap!
Thanks for attention and happy Postcrossing!


Hi @Eliza99

Unfortunately, we cannot send postal mails at all from Japan to Russia, not even via ship / surface mail…

Very sorry about it. I hope it resumes soon!

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Oh, hi! I’m sorry I’m new on the forum and didn’t know that. Thank you for letting me know. Shall I delete my message?

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You do not have to delete your message :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, I am from China, I want to receive postcards from Japan, I can also send postcards to you. I travel a lot (not limited to China) but often live in China. I welcome all postcards from Japan, if you want to send postcards to each other, please send me a private message!

Thank you!

Hi! I’m looking for someone from Japan who would like to arrange a private swap :smiley: I’m specifically looking for royal milk tea sachets, but also other instant drinks, snacks, skincare, something for my home etc.

In return I can offer teabags, snacks from Poland, stationery, souvenir magnets, skincare or just let me know what you’d like.

Please message me if you are interested! :smiley:

Hello, I’m from China, and I’m very interested in Japanese culture! Would anyone like to exchange letters with me? I will put stamps, handwritten letters, postcards, small handicrafts, photos, etc. in the envelope I send, and you don’t have to send me a letter right now. I will send it when my address is stable. I hope to receive a letter with similar content.

你好(Chinese)means Hello.

.After many times failures of direct swaps,now i am really really really desiring for those postcards from a foreign country,foreign culture,foreign WORLD! (´。✪ω✪。`)

And i am wondering if That’s OK for you to make direct postcards exchange.Any kinds of cards is ok.Those ones with your country’s signs are a plus.

You could also describe your wanted postcards to me ,i can search them among my friends . If you want to have a try,just message me on postcrosing.My address now is with some mistakes so please message me first


Post deleted.



I’m looking to swap the Japanese Postbox Hug series by the Brazilian one!

If you are interested let me know :slight_smile:

Brazilian Postal Hug.

DM or comment for swaps :brazil:

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