[Swap & Penpal] Offer/Request topic

I am in the US (New York) and enjoy learning about and sharing things from other cultures, especially if food related. Your proposition sounds interesting - if the offer is not limited to only those from Japan, please DM me.

Im from USA. I can swap New York, and California postcards if you are interested. I would love to get postcard of Japan from UK. DM if your interested. Thanks

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hello!! i am from Turkiye. it would be lovely if i could find someone to trade letters or swap postcards!! you can dm me<3


Hello!I am from China.And I want a penpal who can talk about Japanese anime.I like Conan,KID,Doraemon,Lupin III so much!!!
In addition,I also like collections such as stamps and postmark.
Thank you for reading.

I just use postcrossing one month,I am sorry if I do something wrong. :grinning:

Hello, I’m from Czech Republic, I’m 38 years old and I have a 4-year-old daughter with whom we check the mailbox every day, because we both like incoming mail. we live in the protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise, not far from the town of Turnov.
I like watching birds, butterflies in the summer, and I’ve liked horses since I was little.
I love postage stamps and beautiful and interesting postcards.
If you are interested, I would be happy to exchange postcards with you.


I have seen many sunmans. Among them, CARDCAPTOR SAKURA is one of my favorite Japanese cartoons.I met several Japanese friends before exchanging postcards, but none of them.

I have postcards with pictures, Genshin Impact and Harry Potter.Interested friends welcome to send RE to me.

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もしwatashidayoriのハガキがあれば、交換してください。現地の特色のあるハガキ&イラストを提供できます。 (私が持っていないwatashidayoriなら大歓迎です!)


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I want to exchange some postcards of CARDCAPTOR SAKURA.Because I really like this cartoon.

I have postcards with pictures, Genshin Impact and Harry Potter.Interested friends welcome to send RE to me.

I have an idea:
I want to find a Japanese friend to exchange postcards. Send them at least once a month in 2023. Postcards are randomly patterned and the content is random (just sharing life).
【Just write the text directly into the postcard and put it in the mailbox without an envelope.】
I want to find a pen pal to share life with each other in order to add a touch of color to a plain life.:two_hearts:




Hey! I’m from Lithuania and would love to swap postcards with someone from Japan :cherry_blossom:


I live in Chongqing China. I like Japan culture,so I am looking forward to some postcards with Japan characteristics from Japan.
My offer:


A few days ago, I went to Sichuan Province, China, the hometown of pandas.
I found that China Post produced a set postcard of 香香 in Tokyo. So I bought it for swap!

Thank you for your love of シャンシャン🐼
香香は中国でも大人気になるだろう。皆さん、中国へ香香を見に来てください :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Link :arrow_right: シャンシャンの東京でのポストカード

I am happy to receive some lovely illustration cards.
And this is my profile . It’s not absolute. :blush:
Welcome to comment and PM your offer :smiley:

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Hello! I’m Kary from China. Though I’m basically new to postcrossing, but I would really love to swap postcards with Japanese! DM me if that’s ok :wink: I have many kinds of card

English Below

10月に日本の国境が開いたとき、東京と京都と姫路へ行ったし、ハガキを何枚も買いました。しかし、今アメリカにいるし、書かれたハガキがほしいですが。ですから、この3つの都市に住んでいる私のハガキを書けて、私へ送り返せる人を探しています (これらの都市の近くに住んでいる人もOK!)。


それで、これらの都市に住んでいる方、私のハガキを書き、私へ送り返していただけませんか。興味があれば、PM で連絡してください!日本語 (N3~N2レベル程度) も英語もOKです!


Hi everyone!

Back in October, when the borders to Japan reopened, I took a trip to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and Himeji and bought quite a few cards. However, I’m back in the US now and I’d really like it if these cards were written. So, I’m looking for people who are living in (or near) these three cities and who would be able to write and send back one of my cards.

I can send the blank card I’ve bought in Japan in an envelope along with a written card from me depicting either Princeton, NJ or Princeton University. (I have a lot of Princeton cards, but if another card would interest you more, please let me know!)

If you live in or near these three cities and are interested, I’d love it if you could reach out and send me a PM! Either English or Japanese (around an N3 or N2 level) are fine!


Hello from Poland!
I’m looking for someone who would like to exchange a tourist postcard or a souvenir envelope with me. I’m very interested in Japanese culture. I would also like to meet some penpals from Japan (preferably at a similar age). I love writing letters and exchange a lot in Poland.
A few words about me - my name is Justyna, I’m 26 years old and I’m interested in photography, practicing fitness at home and running social media. I have a dog named Peppa and I spend a lot of time with her. I run an instagram for her and I really like doing it.
Please contact me if any of you would be interested. Thanks in advance and happy postcrossing! <3


Hello, I’m from Taiwan and would like to swap postcards with the one in Japan.
Please message me if you want to exchange.

Hi, I am looking for a Japanese penpal. Im 23 and love listening to music, taking photos, and making my little crafts from time to time! I have visited Tokyo twice, pre pandemic, and would love to go back some day. I would love to hear from people all over Japan, especially someone from Hokkaido!





I’m Veronica.
I would like to exchange letters or postcards in Japanese. If you like to write letters, shall we exchange? Starting with our culture, we can also talk about our hobbies and favorite things.
I’m a 21 year old college student majoring in Japanese. After this next autumn, I intend to graduate. I live in Seattle, WA. I like kpop, art, and film.
I look forward to swapping!


18 yo/F/China- Looking for penpals from Japan

Hello! My name is Catherine.As the title says, I am a Chinese girl who is about to turn 18 years old, l live in Chengdu :panda_face:, China. I love music,movies,Japanese animes(Especially Detective Conan) and playing badminton.I ‘m fond of everything with crafts and creativity.I am crazy about collage.:sparkles:I have been an introverted person since I was young, and in others’ impression, I have always been quiet and aloof.But sometimes I always think that I can’t express my thoughts well, but writing can do one thing well.That’ why I started snailmail

From childhood to adulthood, I have watched a lot of Japanese anime, and recently I have been watching Detective Conan. I really like it. Many times, I can also learn about Japanese culture from it, and I am very interested in it. I hope to find a Japanese person aged 16-27 and become a pen pal. But this is not absolute. If you have the same hobbies as me, that’s ok

If you are interested, please send me a DM