Survey for school project

Hi everyone!
I’m doing a school project and it’s topic is “Postcrossing”. I’m going to make a survey and I will be glad if you take part in it.
Let’s start!

  1. How did you find out about postcrossing?
  2. Why/for what purpose are you doing this?
  3. And the last question. Tell us about your favourite postcard, why is it special?
    Thanks for your concern.

I took part in InCoWriMo and many peeps mention this postcrossing…

I enjoy receiving mail and all postcards received will be framed and hung upon the wall…

My favourite postcard was sent from my daughter on holiday in Germany

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Hi Alina! There are a few surveys conducted by Postcrossing already which might answer some of your questions (in particular the first one). You can find the results here.

  1. I think I first found out about postcrossing on the philately Youtube channel “Exploring Stamps”
  2. I started because I wanted to send cards to random people around the world, I became interested in stamps and wanted to actually use them, not collect them.
  3. I don’t have a favourite postcard (actually, I have a lot of them. I favourite about 2/3 of all cards I receive). Sometimes you get a wonderful message. Sometimes the stamps or the card itself are beautiful. Sometimes you get a card from a “rare” country, region or city - or a place that you have a personal connection to - that’s always nice, too. The one I found to be the most aesthetically pleasing as of yet was probably Postcard CN-3148444, I just love the mood of the picture.
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How did you find out about postcrossing?

I was in Google searching for free mail. For stickers and things to read for my kid.

Why/for what purpose are you doing this?
To bring a little happiness to someone else and for my family to see some sites. Good for homeschool

And the last question. Tell us about your favourite postcard, why is it special?
The two postcards that start my collection is my parents postcards from the Vietnam war


Hello @AlinaLoz

I found out about Postcrossing through a friend, she has been a member for many years and talks about the enjoyment she gets from it.

I find that taking the time to read the biography of the recipient and then write the card is good for my mental health, spending a little time everyso often in peace and quiet concentrating on the task at hand is good for me. Hopefully my cards bring just a little bit of joy to someone else.

I have only received one card so far, a lovely picture of a castle in Germany. There was a nice friendly message from the sender too.

  1. I can’t quite remember, but I think I was searching for websites to find pen pals and I stumbled upon it this way

  2. I like the fact, that I have a moment, where I think about some stranger and how I can make that person happy and I like the thought, that someone else does this for me too. And I love receiving mail

  3. I don’t think I have a favorite. I like the ones with thoughtful messages the most.

Good luck with your school project!

  1. I was looking to buy special stamps on Etsy and someone mentioned Postcrossing in the reviews. I looked it up and immediately liked the concept👍

  2. I enjoy receiving mail and sending it, especially using beautiful stamps - for me they are the most important part of the postcard. It’s a creative hobby and also helps to cope with the isolation of working from home (for 2 years now… sigh… so fed up with this pandemic)

  3. For me, it is the stamps and the back of the postcard that make it special… The best one was from a Finnish lady who met her German husband through a postcrossing postcard. Amazing story!


Thank you for reaching out!

  • How did you find out about postcrossing? In the very early days of the pandemic, I decided to declutter in my home. I was shocked to discover I had collected hundreds of postcards during my travels over the decades. Almost 800! What to do? I started mailing them to friends and family with funny messages to cheer people up. The first six months of the pandemic were difficult for many people. Depending on the circumstance (e.g., elderly, depressed, etc.), some got a postcard a week. After 3 months, one friend, told me about Postcrossing. They knew of it from their work as a news radio producer. I joined right away.
  • Why/for what purpose are you doing this? At first, my goal was to send off all of the postcards. But, as we all know, it’s a slow and hard climb up the hill to reach a decent number of traveling cards. So, I started to send random cards to newbie Postcrossers. Just for fun. A few made suggestions about Round Robins that they liked. I joined a couple, then more, and so on. Send cards, receive cards, send more cards. A fun ritual!
  • Tell us about your favourite postcard, why is it special? I do not have a favourite. I don’t mean to seem simplistic, but they are all special. Every one represents a moment during these past two years when someone far away thought about me and wrote me a note telling me about their thoughts, their day, their life experiences. Every card brought beauty and light into my home all through these unprecedented times. Let’s talk psychology, physiology, philosophy and poetry –

Send joy, your endorphins are tickled
Receive joy, your endorphins are tickled
Send more
Receive more
The darkness cannot get in

Have fun with your project!


I learned from other teachers

I am helping out for the project

My favorite postcard was one from metropolis that was a superman one!!

Привет, Алина! Отвечу на русском, чтобы было понятнее
Из тиктока, конкретнее из видео @\cheerful_giraffe_
Целей несколько:

  1. Практика разговорного английского языка (в университете я учу бизнес-английский и не хватает обычной лексики)
  2. Возможность познакомиться с культурами разных стран (я не могу путешествовать сейчас)
  3. Какой-то “полезный выхлоп” в хобби (когда занимаешься скрапбукингом, вязанием, рисованием и прочим часто работы просто пылятся в полке и ты не чувствуешь удовлетворения от потраченного времени)
  4. Относительная дешевизна и скорость (особенно по сравнению с рисованием)
    Пожалуй моими любимыми открытками являются NL-5134124 (и еще одна открытка на такую же тему из прямого обмена на форуме) за поддержку абсолютно незнакомых мне людей и JP-1647639 (очень люблю котиков и это традиционная японская живопись)
  1. I watched an interview with a Postcrosser on the local TV program (over 10 years ago).
  2. Since my childhood I like to send and receive postcards. There were “postcard chains” in my teeny years but they never functioned. I remember this while watching the interview and wanted to try Postcrossing. And now I am also collecting postcards. And I like to join meet-ups and made friends there.
  3. I received soooooo many wonderful postcards I don’t have a special one. I got penpals after sending or receiving an official postcard. So these postcards are special for me. And special postcards are those with which I learnt something new, for example I didn’t know Inge Löök’s illustrations before and now I collect them. There are so many towns, traditions, festivities, artists etc. etc. I never heard about before.

Hi Alina,

Nro 1
I heard an interview in the radio. The reporter asked quite amazed: “Do you really take a picture of every card you get?” And the answer was confident and irresponsible: “Yes of course, and also of every card I send myself.” I had to find out what this was all about, it was so convincing and funny answer.

Nro 2
First I thought this could be a fun and a joyful thing to do. A) I have history with writing letters, so this sounded like exotic return to my youth. B) Getting tired of mailbox only filled with ads and invoices thought this could change my routine walk to the box - some ideas of social connection there. C) Nice to have cards and short notes from different countries and people, specially now during the time of covid - and mailing itself is nice too.

My thoughts have got deeper during these months. It’s really touching to get many of these messages: cards written and decorated with such a care, trembling handwriting apologizing for not being able to write much. Some cards have been really impressive and the pictures hit my soul. I’ve shed many tears - and I’ve been member only for some months! So, now I do this for learning, hoping to bring joy - and just enjoying and cherishing this unique possibility to connect.

Nro 3.
It is not only a courtesy to say that all cards are special. They all are. Each card can tell its own unique story, you can “read” the card in so many ways and perspectives.

The simple but the same time huge idea of PC has cleared in my mind lately: people from even different continents can connect, have same interests and share ideas in a one single card. That is worth Nobel Prize - as I saw someone proposed.

I wish you success in your school project,


  1. A friend of mine suggests me the site and sends me my first postcard

  2. I love waiting for new postcards and I found that I also love choose and write postcards to unknown Person

  3. I don’t have a favourite postcard, I mean… Every postcards I received is special for some reason (the image, the stamp, the story, the message they write to me…). So I think that all postcards sended to me are special, as well as all postcards sended from me

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  1. I honestly cannot remember. I thought a friend must have told me about it but I checked and she joined after me. So I must have found it on the interenet somehow.

  2. I enjoy connecting with random people. It also satisfies the gambler in me waiting where my next postcard will go to or come from. I love seeing all the beatiful postcard designs too! And last but not least, I use Postcrossing as an artistic outlet and sometimes make postcards.

  3. It is impossible to pick one postcard. Some have touching messages, some are simply visually stunning, some come from very exotic places. But one that I remember was a postcard that one Russian girl painted for me. Both the picture and the message were very special to me.

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  1. I did snail mail by writing letters before and it became too exhausting to write long letters, so I looked for postcard swapping site (less writing). Voilà! Google showed Postcrossing site on the 1st list

  2. I do it because I find writing and putting aesthetic efforts to the cards are therapeutic. It helps me (a bit) with my handwriting and creativity. In this digital era we use computers, phones… so I need to find way to keep my writing trained :joy: . It teaches a lot of patience too

  3. Don’t have favourite postcard. I appreciate every card I received because imagine, that someone, somewhere sending you something that addressed to you personally. Although I like postcards with long messages the most

Good luck on your project. I hope you get enough samples for your data :bar_chart:

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  1. How did you find out about postcrossing?

My mom started it 9 months before I did so I kept seeing her get cool postcards and write to countries far away for some time. Then my mom encouraged me to start too and it was ne of the best decicions I’ve made.

2. Why/for what purpose are you doing this?

I have a few. One is to be creative. I like the process of carefully reading a profile and picking the perfect card for them and to decorate it.
Other is that I love receiving mail. After soon two years of this I’ve noticed that it had helped me with my mild online shopping addiction I then didn’t realise I had. Especially with covid, incoming packages and mail were some of the few things I looked forward in a day. And with postcrossing that gave me a new purpose to the day, whether it was seeing new mail, writing new cards or seeing the Hurray! messages.
I also love connecting with people, but that doesn’t happen with everyone so it isn’t my main reason. But when it happens, it’s amazing.

3. And the last question. Tell us about your favourite postcard, why is it special?

Many thoughts incoming in 3, 2, 1…

I couldn’t ever choose only one. And even if I can name a few, I’d had to draw the line somewhere and that would be hard. I’ve of course received some cards that I could name, but that wouldn’t mean there aren’t other just as great cards that I’ve received.
Some reasons I would consider some cards very special to me are that I can see the person has truly read my profile well and understood me as a person. And I can see that throught the card, the message or both. I’ve received a card that this person had bought on their holiday years ago and waited for the right person to send it to and that was me. And the theme was just right for me. We shared the same values and I really saw us connectng throught just a single postcard. I thought that was special. But I still wouldn’t say that is overall my one and only favourite. I’ve received a card of some dogs that are just the cutest and photographed the most beautiful way. I remember how that card looks even after over a year. And I still remember receiving a card that I had on my favourites wall, where this person told me they noticed the movie I’ve recommended on my profile and would watch it after writing the card. That also made my heart very warm.
There are so many, big and small reasons a card can be special to me. So it would be hard to define what makes it my favourite.

  1. (My phone is wonky so I type the answer for q3 up here) I don’t have a specific favorite postcard, because I love all cards with long messages, but I do have a favorite (folded) card, which is sent by my club’s junior, also a close friend of mine, in conjunction with Chinese New Year. She included an origami of a tiger and the envelope features a sticker bomb design XD

I knew about postcrossing when I got introduced to it by my school’s Philatelic club, but only actively joined after the pandemic when a local Philatelic society “Komuniti Filateli Malaysia” created a Facebook group called “Pencinta Poskad 2P”, which is a Malaysian postcrossing group. (There are two Msian FB groups for postcard writing, and this is the more active group and it’s easier to get in)

  1. I enjoy learning about cultures around the world and basically communicating with friends! Since a postcard cannot fit more than 200 words, it’s perfect for people like me who hates writing too much and loves to send mail XD
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  1. How did you find out about postcrossing? Google :smile: I inherited a large postcard collection from my grandmother and wanted to start my own postcard collection too.
  2. Why/for what purpose are you doing this? Postcrossing makes the world smaller. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories through postcards.
  3. And the last question. Tell us about your favourite postcard, why is it special? One that I inherited from my grandmother. She married my grandfather quickly when he was drafted in WWII and she sent a postcard to her mother when they arrived at the army barracks where my grandfather was stationed. Her message simply read… “Mom, We arrived. We’re in the Army now. Love, Arline” Its a treasure to have it!
  1. I found out about Postcrossing by chance. I was searching for fun and easy hobbies, stumbled upon this Buzzfeed article and I noticed a reference to PC in the comments. Read around the site a bit, went through the FAQs, decided to give it a try. And here we are, 53 official postcards later :wink:

  2. At first my only purpose was to have some fun: relax, take my mind off things and enjoy myself. Now, I’m much more into the connection part: I love picking an address, reading the profile, choosing the perfect card, decorate it… When I receive a card, I thank the sender and try to make them understand how happy and enthusiastic I feel thanks to their postcard :blush:

  3. It’s so hard to chose only one postcard! I think my favourite is one I recently received from a penpal :smile: It has a special meaning for a number of reasons: the picture on the front is lovely, the message and decorations on the back are wonderful and I love the sense of kinship between us.

  1. I found out about Postcrosssing in a copy of the magazine Canadian Stamp News in the postcards column.
  2. I enjoy Postcrossing because it is a fairly cheap hobby but the stats is the best part. How many countries do I have, what was my best month,
  3. I don’t have a single favourite postcard but I do enjoy getting cards from own country.