Subject to closed please

Hello dear Indonesian friends, :heart_eyes:

I have the chance to go to Bali for the second time at the end of August.

I allow myself to open this post to ask you some questions please:

  • How much does a postcard?
  • Do you find postcards easily in the shops? where in general?
  • How to send mail from Bali to a foreign country? (the name of your postal office, location of your mailboxes, etc.)
  • Any tips/places to buy Indonesian stationery? (region ubud, uluwatu, djimbaran, nusa dua)

I thank all those who will be willing to give me advice and information.

I wish you a lovely day,



Welcome to Indonesia.
You can google post office and give postcard to the staff.
Dont put it in the mail box, they never check.
@postcrossingbali @GustiGuna @sepatuholig @Noventy77 may can help for other question?

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Hi Melody

Welcome to Bali :pray:

• postcard price varied from $ 0.5 - $1 (sometimes $2)
• buy them at the stationary shops / bookshops in a mall (Gramedia shop or Periplus has beautiful range). You can alao buy them at souvenier shops (big oleh-oleh shop)
• you have to go and buy stamps at post office, give them back to the cashier , do not put it in the mail box–they never check. Mailboxes are just decorations here.
Note: leave enough space for barcode stickers from the post office (aprox. 1cm x 4cm). Its a way to track yr mail within Indonesia.
• if you are in Ubud, many small stationary shops around (ATK shops), otherwise google for ATK shops (or mall) wherever you are (Jimbaram etc.)

Hope this info could help

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Terima kasih :pray: @sepatuholig , Where are barcode on the postcard please? do you have a picture for example?

Yes, here is the example

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Thanks a lot for the information :heart_eyes:

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Or you can do this

It requires more effort but it’s the best way to protect your card from getting barcode sticker so the receiver can easily peel it off. Sometime some workers don’t care to put it on the empty space even if you’ve prepared a place

Don’t forget the proper price for stamps too here

Unfortunately foreigners sometimes got charged more for sending out cards :sweat_smile: but I hope it won’t happen!

Enjoy your trip!

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Ok i will prepare space on the back of the postcard.
I also hope not to pay more than necessary haha :rofl:

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