Sticker collection!

So I’ve seen people’s rubber stamp and washi tape collections and I thought it’d be cool to start a sticker collection topic :))

Here’s my small collection. The llama stickers are my newest. I honestly keep forgetting I have that reference guide sticker book :sweat_smile:


P.M. from germany

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Sticker collection? Ok!

Sticker Books:

New sticker sheets:

Partially used sticker sheets:

Small bits and pieces:

Halloween stuff:

And this beautiful book:


Oh no, Not that book again :scream:
“I don’t need it! I am not going to search for it! There is no need to buy it! :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Nice collection :slight_smile:


would love to see the haloween stickers in their full beauty :smiley: nice collection

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oh i already love this topic. i have waaaay too many stickers and somehow never enough at the same time. i will make some photos later.

also i bought my first stickerbook a few weeks ago and i felt a bit crazy as it has a few hundred stickers. like, when am i ever gonna use all those stickers? but this topic is already making me feel so much better about my crazy addiction :joy:


okay. so this is only 1/10th of what i have but to give you an idea.

my new christmas sticker book :two_hearts: and other sets


animals (i especially have a looot more cats)

birthday/easter/halloween/christmas. i do wish to have more halloween stickers but i can’t find them anywhere.


I like this topic!
I am definitely a sticker lover! I have so many sticker collections using them on postcard/mails/journals…
And now I am also becoming a sticker designer make and sell my own stickers.
Here are some of my works! Including Halloween, Christmas, mail theme, etc. I love them so much!


No pictures right now but I have 2 3" binders filled with sheet protectors which are filled with stickers by topic. Everything from alphabet stickers to wedding to all things in between! Also in the sheet protectors are die cuts, scraps that fit the theme, etc. It’s leftover from my scrapbooking days but now works great for collage postcards or stickers to decorate the back. And yes…I keep buying stickeres


This topic must have jinxed me or something…
I ended up buying more stickers at the store today:


OH MY GOD I saw that antiquarian sticker book at target and I just had to walk away. I didn’t even look inside, I didn’t even touch it lest it tempted me to buy it!


I have added lots of stickers to the cards, usually ones that appeal to most adult postcrossers (Peanuts, Minions, Star Wars, holidays), but more useful for me is to add small (1.75") square photo stickers that I make through Snapfish. You can get 25 per sheet, original price $5, but often get discounts on orders. They can even be labeled within the photo. The sheets I make are scenes from Grand Canyon and hikes, Sedona, Arizona mountains, group at a meetup, comedy, and plants. That way, the receiver can get a card they want, plus a scene from Arizona.


Ugh. I have too many stickers. Whenever I see any on sale, I usually get them. I also get a lot of them at Daiso. They’re cute and small enough to decorate a postcard without taking up too much space.

Has anyone ever made “face stickers”? :smiley:

Some Christmas ago, I took a photo of @paulo and I and turned our faces into stickers, so that I could put them on postcards and draw speech bubbles from them. Sounds a little silly, but the result is lots of fun, and everyone remarks on them when they receive a postcard with our faces! Definitely recommended.


As a scrapbooker, I have all kinds of stickers. I have an Iris 12x12 container filled with 12x12 sticker sheets, I have sticker books and I have these.

I have a problem, yep, I admit it…but in all fairness this has been ongoing since 1997. There, that makes it okay!


I have lots of Harry Potter stickers :partying_face: Others didn’t take pictures.


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

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Omg so many amazing collections. But… help :disappointed_relieved: I just started and I am afraid to decorate mine because I don’t know if there are areas that are forbidden. Some postcards say below “leave this space for postoffice…” but I see people put washitape and cover all. So it’s ok to cover all ?(leave only the stamp and address part?):worried:

If there is the “leave this clear” -area, I would leave it, but our postcards in Finland don’t have such. Instead there is info about the print house, sometimes small image etc.
And I’ve received cards from USA where is decorations all over, or the card fully written to the “clear” area too. Sometimes there is a bar code sticker added (that is easy to peel off), but not always.
Maybe put decoration/sticker to the upper left corner? That would be the safest, I think.

And welcome to the forum :slight_smile: !

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: