Stave church meetup in Oslo, Norway Saturday May 4th, 2024

Same here😊

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Cards have been ordered today. They cost 6.5 NOK per card. There are no extra cards available.

Nice Card! Is someone interested in swap? I can offer some meet- up cards from St.Petersburg or anything from my swap- album Anmelden | VK

love to swap with somebody

Hi Hi,

I will be in Bodø (again) for three weeks from May 4th to 24th and was wondering if you’d like to do another Canada/Norway meet like we had done in 2018 (in Oslo), but that I would host in Bodø!

Anyone interested and any preferred day/date? Let me know ASAP so that I can prep a card for the occasion.

Looking forward to seeing you again,

Josée / Stinkypaw

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Would have loved to, but May is all booked up! I’m in Bergen May 25-27, as mentioned, and can make myself available for a meetup there Saturday evening (25th) if you guys are going to Bergen :smile: Otherwise can do Oslo from May 28 onwards.

Hi Kas,

Many thanks for getting the cards and I will pay you on the day, if that is okay with you please.

Also, we are planning to visit a couple of the museums that are not far from the folk museum. As a result we will be slighty after 12.00pm?

We apprecaite very much this postcrossing meetup as I have never been to one before.

Kind regards,

John and Liz.

The Viking Ship museum is closed at the moment.

Hi Marit_la, sadly as you say the Viking Ship museum is closed. I cannot visit my long distance relatives from years past.

Yesterday I misspelt appreciate.

We are looking forward to visting Oslo. In the past I visited Stockholm on numerous occasions.

Best wishes,

John, liz, Buddy and Ruby.

The Viking Ship museum is closed but the Kon-Tiki and the Fram museums are well worth a visit! :blush:

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The Viking Planet might be an option. I have never been there myself (only for buying postcards).

With the Oslo Pass you get a 15% discount on tickets.

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No problem, we’ll be shopping for postcards in the gift shop at the entrance while we wait. Please let us know if you run more than 30 min late, then we’ll probably enter the museum and find you later. :blush:

Hii, my reply is maybe a little bit late but I’m still in Norway and I’m also able to join on May 4. I see that there are no meetup cards available not even 1 or 2?
It will be nice to see you again!

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Great, see you May 4 :grinning:

Unfortunately there are no more available cards. Total order was small, so only 100 cards exist and they are all spoken for. But betweeen us I’m sure we can spare a few, so you’ll have some to send😉

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That will be great, thank you!!

can anyone swap with me? I love this card! send me a pm if you want to swap) thank you!

Hello “Make_a_decision” what card are you willing to swap please?

Hello XDKarina, I am willing to give you a couple of cards. I am from the UK and we are on holiday.

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Hello Kas, thanks for the reply. We will try to make 12.30pm? As I said before, we will go to a couple of museums beforehand and meet you at the folkmuseum.

I am wondering, what sort of postcards do you like as I will take Scotland/Lake District/South Africa postcards with me.

Kind regards,

John, Liz, Buddy and Ruby.

Hi, sure 12.30 is fine. We might go to the Fram or Kon-Tiki museum(s) first then to shop for some postcards, instead of waiting at Folkemuseet. See you soon :grinning: