Starting Postcrossing

i am a girl from china
i want to ask for a little help in the forum
i sent five postcards a month ago
but there is still no news
i am pretty sure my stamps are enough
so are they lost
the website says that my mailing is zero
this is really unhappy
i am looking forward to receiving postcards form all over the world when i play postcrossing for the first time


:wave:Welcome @Shakespeareandrose

Your postcards are on their way to their lucky recipients! I found the hardest part about postcrossing at the beginning was the WAITING! When they reach their destinations, you will be notified. And how much FUN that will be!


In the meantime, why don’t you explore the Forum? I especially like the tags section. So much to choose from.

Have fun :writing_hand:


What Nique says. It takes a while for postcrossing to start up completely. You should make sure that you do indeed put enough postage on your card, though.

In the beginning I used the forum a lot and participated in swaps to get some cards send to me, so that might be a good idea for you? Just be patient, it will start going eventually. Post might be slow in China (at least my experience with cards send to China) and the country of the recipient might take a while too. With Corona happening everywhere, things might even be slower here and there.



Be patient. As they’ve said, China can be a little slow… I received this one, from China to Spain:


Hello everyone,

I’m also new at this site, in the meantime I send 3 postcards, but how do I know If there is a card in return. Or is this a surprise?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Antwerp


When one of your postcards is registered you usually see this sentence in the hurray email: “Now YOU will receive a postcard from another random member… keep an eye on your mailbox!” That means that your address has been added to the address pool and that someone will draw your address and send you a postcard. But you never know where the postcards will come from.


Hello :wave: from Belgium

You send out 3 cards. When they get registered by the receiver, someone gets your address and a card is on its way to you :blush: if you have something written in your profile, the sender can pick a card that you like. For example: if you like walking in the nature, you might get a landscape card :wink:


Thanks for your answer Tamara, I have received the mail with hooray but I was to quick and didn’t saw that someone is sending me a card, we have to be patient. That’s always dificult when you starting :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help :grin::+1:

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Postcrossing is a little slow to get going but well worth it if you are patient. Whilst you are waiting for cards to arrive to you it is worthwhile sending out 2 more cards - the more you send the more you receive!
Do explore the forum, you will learn lots.


The Chinese Postal Service is very slow and unreliable and if you did not choose air mail (and pay for it), then your cards will travel only on the surcace (e. g. by ship) and that makes them even slower. Up to two months is a normal travel time for China, but the cards can also take much longer.


Its a surprise. I’d like it