Stamps with the lowest value from your country

Do you have some stamps from your country that have very very low value? and how many of those stamps you need to put on a postcard if you want to send it?

Stamp with the lowest value from my country Slovakia :slovakia::

  • 0,01€ = 150 stamps to Europe (120 to Czech Repubic :czech_republic: ), 160 stamps to other parts of the World

On the stamp you can see Chapel of St. Margaret near Kopčany - one of the oldest buildings in Slovakia built in Great Moravia times - 9th - 10th century.

Chapel of St. Margaret near Kopčany

Second lowest stamp

  • 0,02€ = 75 stamps to Europe (60 stamps to Czech Republic), 80 stamps to Other parts of World

On the second with second lowest stamp you can see romansque Church of the Virgin Mary in Boldog built in 11th and 12th century

Church of the Virgin Mary in Boldog

Third lowest stamp

  • 0,05€ = 30 stamps to Europe (24 stamps to Czech Republic), 32 stamps to other parts of world

On the third lowest stamp you can see Rotunda of St. Margaret in Šivetice, largest Rotunda in Central Europe

Rotunda of St. Margaret in Šivetice

Which stamps from your country have lowest value and how many of them you need to put on the postcard if you want to send it?


It seems we can still buy 0,10 NOK in Norway, which is about €/$ 0,01. To send to Europe you would need 280, to the rest of the world 340



There are various types of definitive stamps in Malaysia that can still be found in post offices, but mainly there are these three:

  • Agro series
  • Flower series (latest series)
  • International definitive series

All of the photos below are taken from the internet

5 sen

Cocoa (Agro)
1 postcard= 18 stamps
1 local postcard= 6 stamps

10 sen

Left: Black Pepper (Agro)
Right: French Hydrangea (Flower)

1 intl postcard= 9 stamps
1 local postcard= 3 stamps

15 sen

Rubber tree
1 intl postcard= 6 stamps
1 local postcard= 2 stamps

20 sen

Palm oil tree
images (2)
Red lily

Local fruits
1 intl postcard= 4.5 stamps
1 local postcard= 1.5 stamps

30 sen
Rice paddy

1 intl postcard= 3 stamps
1 local postcard= 1 stamp


“To protect the forest”

0.1 Yuan (0.015 dollars)
Edit: It takes at least 3.5 Yuan (35 these stamps) to mail an international postcard.


There are a variety of 1 cent stamps over the years from the USPS, the most current being the fruit stamp. There is also 2012’s bobcat stamp and 1999’s Tiffany Lamp stamp. There are many more. You would need 44 of these to mail a postcard within the US or 140 of these to mail a postcard or letter internationally.

…And then there are the vintage half cent stamps which I find so curious!


A 1p stamp is the lowest stamp on sale in the UK.

You’d need 185 of them to send a postcard anywhere in the world.


The lowest stamp denomination currently available in India is 25 paise. There are two varieties that can be got now. One of them is on Mahatma Gandhi and the other on Yoga. Will need 60 of them to send an international postcard other than to our neighbours.




Stamp with the lowest value of my country Russia:
0,1₽ = 180 stamps in Russia, 620 stamps abroad (to any part of the World).

But such stamp has long been difficult to get.
Stamps for 1 rub are sold in post offices.

(18 stamps in Russia, 62 - abroad)
They are definitive stamps.


The lowest value currently for sale at the official webshop is this 50 öre (0,5 SEK) stamp that was issued 2004.

You would need 52 of these to send a postcard abroad… I have 55 at home right now… :thinking: :joy:

The second lowest are 1 and 2 SEK stamps, and the trend during past few years have been issuing mostly domestic or very high values so my guess is that we are not gonna see any new low values anytime soon. But because you can use any mint stamps no matter how old they are, there are still plenty even lower values available on auction and collector sites. I think my lowest value stamps that still can be used are 5 öre stamps.


1 zł (PLN) = 100 gr

The national stamp costs 3.60 PLN (the cheapest) and abroad costs 8 PLN. To send a postcard abroad using only 5 gr stamps, I would have to use 160 of them :rofl:. I would have to put 72 such stamps on a postcard to Poland. Impossible…


The lowest value stamp that I can buy over the counter in an Australia Post shop is 5 cents.

Our postage rates increase effective today, and it would cost me $3.70 to send a postcard to Slovakia. So I would need 74 of these stamps to send a postcard to you!

I can buy smaller denomination (old issue) stamps on places like eBay. I have some one cent stamps from 1973 that are in mint condition and are legally allowed to be used to send…but I’d need 370 of them!

ETA: Actually…because those old stamps are technically domestic stamps - not international stamps…I would normally need to pay 10% more for postage to cover the GST that was included in the domestic stamp price, meaning that I’d need 407 of them instead! BUT…these particular stamps being from 1973, were issued before GST was introduced here…so maybe I wouldn’t need to pay the extra. I’m not sure…and my head hurts just thinking about it :crazy_face:.

Either way, the postcard would need to be waaaaay bigger than the maximum allowable size - in order to fit them all on! :thinking:


I’ve recently got a random bunch of stamps through from Philatelink, and got some half (1/2) pence stamps! I’ll get a photo of mine later, but they look like this:


I don’t think I could fit 370 stamps on a postcard!

To be clear, these aren’t for sale anymore.


0.25 TRY

Lowest value stamp of Northern Cyprus. It would be needed to use 12 of them to send Europe a postcard.

Once I just used them to send a postcard :joy:


Some german low values you need to make up postage for example when you use older lowe value stamps


The lowest denomination in French Polynesia is 1 XPF (our currency doesn’t have subunits).


€0.02 stamp - I’d have to put 35 on a domestic card and 48 on a card abroad!

€0.03 - 24 would cover domestic card postage and
32 abroad. :smiley:

€0.05 - I’d need 14 for a card inside Germany and 19 for a card elsewhere.


Pos Malaysia have 1 sen (RM0.01 or USD 0.00222) and 2 sen denomination stamps.

1 sen stamp :

2 sen stamp (next to 1 sen stamp) :

They are no longer available to buy from the post office. But they are easily to find from stamp dealer. They are not rare just need to find the correct source to get them. Resale value is very low. And not much demand for them because they are definitives stamps.


1c, 1.5c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c
8c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c, 30c
40c, 50c, 80c, 90c, 100c, 110c
130c, 160c, 200c

1.5c, 40c, 4c, 2c
70c, 50c, 80c, 200c
100c, 500c, 30c, 20c
5c, 1c, 8c, 3c, 10c

1c, 1.5c, 2c, 3c, 4c
5c, 8c, 10c, 20c, 30c
40c, 50c, 70c, 80c, 100c
200c, 500c



These are the lowest denomination in Finland, 5 cents:

Three slightly different plus-shaped stamps. Starting from September 29th I would need 45 of these for sending a postcard abroad in priority mail.


Here we are, one of my 1/2 p stamps!