Stamps with borders (souvenir sheets)

When a stamp has a border that continues the design, do you send the whole thing including the border? I’ve seen some people do this, but I’ve always just sent the stamp part. I think in many cases there wouldn’t be room for the whole thing on a postcard. Examples below.


I try to use those on bigger (or even XXL) cards. Then there is enough room for both. It feels strange for me to send them on a regular card when there’s not enough space to write a few sentences. But I’ve received cards that way, and when they even matched the front, I enjoyed those cards nevertheless!

The one with the animals is lovely!!


Depends on the space available. If it’s an envelope, I would send the whole stamp but if it’s a postcard then probably just the “inside” part.

In Poland, the stamps of this type are sometimes so big that there wouldn’t be space left for the address, let alone any message on a postcard.


Yeah … the bottom one shown there is 10.5 x 6 cm and less than 1/3 of the postage required! :rofl:

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I believe this is the collector version of these stamps. in greece there are some that have the frame but you only buy it from the main post collectors division. otherwise you just buy the inner part as normal post.

I never use those to send something, i just exchange them with stamp collectors…

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Ohhh I like those very much! I’ve never seen stamps like that.

Some people send their stamps with all or part of the border. Even if there won’t be any space left for a message. I don’t mind it as they are amazing!


I trained to have a really small handwriting because of this.
Full stamp with borders, normal sized address and a very tiny text even younger users had to use magnifying glasses to read it, kind of that guys who write names on rice-corns at funfairs for jewelery.

All users thanked for having a full-border stamp and wondered that this was the first card they had to find their magnifying glass for…


Would love that one, too!

I have received several from Russia, about half the size of an A6 postcard (so covering all of the writing part). Here’s one example… I only have this scan of the stamp right now:


And I loved them!


I don’t mind stamps with borders, in case borders have such an interesting picture!
I have received this lovely stamp from Germany recently:


That is a very cool stamp! SO much neat info about their old postal system - in the days of horses!

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Here, there is no other version of these stamps.

Ah, ok… I thought it would be pretty similar with Greece :blush:

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I searched in my scans and found the complete backside of this stamp + others.

and a scan only showing the stamp, it’s amazing! But the stamps took up the whole width of the card:

I loved all of them! (I’m not a collector, but I enjoy beautiful stamps on my cards a lot)


if you want one or two of it unstamped I’d swap to some with full-borders from Belarus… Let me know if you want to.

I would love to receive this one. Wrangel Island is one of the most fascinating part of Russia for me.

I’ve received cards with stamps like that before and I thought they were amazing, but those were generally cards of the larger variety so there was still plenty of space to write and stuff, but anyways to someone who says they like stamps I’d use the whole thing, and to someone who doesn’t really care either way I’d just make it smaller probably. Not that my country really has any stamp sheets that would be suitable to put on completely.

Generally I used them for mail instead of postcards. I believe they are called souvenir sheets or minisheets. They are rarely used in postage so some stamp collectors collect those covers that use them.

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I can’t use souvenir sheets on a postcard because they are usually of a larger denomination (eg. HK$10 or $20) and a normal postcard cost would be maximum HK$5. It’s a pity!

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I wouldn’t mind receiving it for sure! It really makes the back of the postcard unique, and in this case I wouldn’t mind if there was no message too.

I received one recently, and while it was not a souvenir sheet, the Postcrosser kept the shape of it, which I thought was cool.