[Stamps] UK stamps, prices, Royal Mail & Post Office matters

Agreed £2.50 for a postcard yet for £3.19 you can send a 2kg package anywhere in the UK


I shall stick this up on my wall, well, next to the postage rates.

Sniff, since joining May 2008… to Europe has gone up 5-fold. 50p :frowning:


As I write, it is 2nd April 2024 and the privatized so-called Royal Mail have now increased their stamp prices again. It is now £2.50p to send ONE postcard out of the UK. This is robbery and so I envisage no more postcrossing for me!


It is April 2nd 2024 and it is now £2.50p per card!!! theft, robbery!

Has anyone here been affected by this?: Royal Mail finally vows to investigate fake stamp farce after hundreds of Britons were wrongly fined £5 to receive letters sent using stamps that postal service claims are 'counterfeit' | Daily Mail Online

@Ancupola Once I’ve used up my stamp stash I think it will be the same for me unfortunately :pensive: I can’t justify £2.50 per card. There are lots of postcrossers in the UK who are active on the tags and RRs on this section of the forum though, so I’ll keep doing those and that’ll take it down to 85p.


Don’t know if anyone has seen this yet ?

Royal Mail wants to keep its six-day-a-week service for first class letters

The title looks good but there’s a sting in the tail…


Against my better judgement (I am on holiday and don’t have my full stamp stock with me) I went to a PO this PM and tried to get 2.20 of stamps for International Economy to the US.

Usual rigmarole of trying to convince them I wasn’t making this up and them trying to convince me the service now cost 2.50 (“it’s gone up”) but when they finally agreed it existed they had to sell me 2 X £1 and 1 X 0.20 - I asked if they had any of the old 2.20 KC3 stamps and they said they hadn’t… If this is the case up and down the country then surely there’s a missed opportunity here?


Should have grabbed the postage rate leaflet in the post office, and said - Looky 'ere



People aren’t happy about this in the comments of Royal Mail’s Instagram post!!


Saw those as well, I keep liking all the comments :joy:

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The proposal seems to be to put First Class letters in with parcels on a daily delivery round by van, and then reorganise the walking routes so that they only take Second Class and bulk mail, and do a delivery every other day (thus being able to make redundancies). If I only sent and received UK mail, I’d probably concede that this is a reasonable workaround which maintains the universal service obligation in the face of lower mail volumes. However, as someone who mainly receives mail from outside the UK, I’d like to know how cards with foreign stamps are going to be prioritised? (Though I suspect I already know - they’ll go to the bottom of the Second Class pile :frowning_face:)


It’s a good question and one I’ve considered myself.


Bitter sweet cost rise to £2.50 - whilst looking wonderful with the Tallents House cancellation.

(Of course, recognising the sadness of this week’s RM news & wondering how it will all pan out.)


I don’t suppose providing half the service will mean they half the price :rofl:


Spotted this article:

Royal Mail are clearly scrambling for some ‘good news’ stories as damage control, but maybe there’s hope for some of our gone-astray postcards after all!


A Royal Mail spokesperson said it was likely someone had put it back into the postal system rather than it having been lost.

"Once an item is in the postal system then it will be delivered to the address on the letter”

It would appear RM are more confident in their abilities than we are! :joy: x


Today I received my first delivery since 27th March. One postcard (not Postcrossing) was addressed to someone in Milton Keynes. Not impressed!


A while back, there was a competition from NewScientist. The winner lived in Perth… but the prize went via Australia first, before arriving in Scotland.