Stamps bought in one country used in another

There are so many cool stamps in other countries available online.

If i buy a sheet can i use em in the usa?


Not in place of the required US postage, lol - but you could decorate an envelope or card with that stamp, but you’d need to put it somewhere other than where your regular stamps go, so the USPS doesn’t reject your card.


Dang. I was hoping i could just calculate the conversion rate. Like on the cute ducky stamp. Says $1.10. So if my usa stamp costs .58 it will work? Global stamps are just boring. I think ive only seen 3 to choose from

Pretty sure you can use smaller denomination stamps to add up to what a Global stamp is worth, but you should check with some fellow Americans.


Yes, you can send 2 Forever stamps plus another 14 cents worth of stamps (generally a 10 cent plus a 4 cent) or anything that adds up to at least $1.30 worth of postage - doesn’t have to be a Forever stamp, just has to be at least $1.30. I do that on envelopes for Postcrossers who ask for interesting stamps. Generally not enough room for 4 different stamps on a postcard without compromising the space for the address and the message.


If you could do that the Australian post would get the money for USPS’ work, so no it isn’t something you can do.


It’s kind of like asking: If I buy a bus ticket in NYC, can I use it in Hannibal, Missouri? :wink:


This is a yes and no question OP.
We both live in the US.
As far as postage. No.

  1. Usps will not deliever it. There is a chance if you did put it on the envelope that an automated machine cancels and it gets delivered. But dont do it.

Also yes as in you order it and pay for it. Sure you can use it.

  1. One stick it on your envelope and its a sticker or a Cinderella as its invalid for postage to send from the US. Make sure you got the proper postage.

  2. Yes you can use it. Stick it on your envelope or card. Then stick that in another envelope addressed to a Postmaster in Australia asking for a postmark and for it to be sent. Or you have a friend that can be your intermediary in Australia. Send it to them and it can be dropped off at their post office and finally be sent. Its a long way around but at least you used them.

  3. Travel and use it there.
    Not many places even first world places post offices function like usps. In Europe you buy stamps at tobacco shops, and banking at Post offices. Some places apply the stamp for you and you dont get a choice.
    At least with your stamps youre ready to go.


Op also consider buying older stamps if you like variety. You can mix and match as long as it add up. Good luck OP. I actually considered making myself some customized stamps with mystamps in Australia Post site. I have a friend that lives in Oz that I can ask if hed drop it off in their mail for me.


Exactly! :slight_smile:

However, on my way home from a holiday in France :fr: I once sent a postcard from Germany :de: with a leftover French stamp - just for a laugh and a “postal experiment” - and Deutsche Post did deliver it! Still wonder if that was by oversight or by good will… :slight_smile:

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So u could use an australian stamp that says 1.10 plus a 20c stamp and it would work? As long as the amount adds up to the correct postage?

No, the postage you use must be valid in the country you are mailing from. If you are in the USA you must use USA stamps.


Op you didnt read my post and suggestions of what you could do. If it was too long. Heres the short version. Say you buy those stamps, you can use them via an intermediary. If you know someone in Australia that could send for you send it to them. Its kind of a long way around but it works

Two: Go to Australia yourself. And you already have stamps to use.


Maybe looking at this will be helpful:
What stamps do you use on postcards/letters? Show us!

On that thread you can see pictures of how lots of people use multiple stamps to add up to the proper amount. For mailing from the USA you must use USPS postage but it can be vintage (as long as unused) or current (or a combination of vintage stamps and current stamps) and must add up to at least $1.30 for mailing to any country outside of the USA or $0.40 for mailing a postcard domestically. Those prices are changing July 10, 2022…the new rates will be $1.40 for international mailing and $0.44 for domestic postcards.

Here’s a picture of some of my recent combinations:


No. Mail from the US has to have all US postage, no matter where in the country or in the world you send it. Mail from any country has to have the postage of their own country. That’s how you pay your own postal system’s costs for handling the mail - by paying them money which you do when you buy the stamps.


Many years ago, I would sometimes mail an international card to myself. I might put two or more colorful stamps from that country PLUS the US postcard rate stamp on the card. The lazy man’s way to get a stamped and written postcard. LOL.

How about this to clear things up?

No. You cannot use that stamp from the USA.


Even if you could use these stamps in the US, which you can’t, the Australian dollar is not the same as the US dollar, so 1.10 Australian is not 1.10 American. It’s about 70 cents.