Stamps and the coming US Postal Price Increase.....a letter

Looks like the Postal Regulatory Commission approved the proposed rate increases. Oh well. I wish I’d filed a comment myself. (And for future reference, it seems to me like that would have been the proper organ to comment to, rather than the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. If I’m interpreting the postal regulatory process correctly, that is.)

Still trying to figure out what my stamp math will be. I can barely cram three stamps on my cards as it is, so I might just decide to eat the four cents as @TurtlePoint will. Maybe I’ll stock up on stamps enough to tide me over until the next rate hike!

The above quote is from the Upcoming United States Postage Increases thread, which I’ve quoted here. I believe this also a great idea in using only three stamps!

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As I posted in another thread on this subject, I wrote a computer program to do the math for me: New U.S. stamp combinations, through the magic of computer programming

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I was wondering how we let our Postcrossing community know about this postal increase. I don’t think a lot of people pay attention to this. And this increase is out of sorts with a normal yearly increase as USPS is doing it in the middle of the year. I know people can come here to understand the increase but most people don’t pay attention.
I have been trying to figure out how many stamps to buy before the rate increase as I do send a lot of postcards. And how to put more stamps on them. Yes, a 14 cent stamp would be great but that is not going to happen!
Just thought I would jump in on the conversation. I don’t like the thought that other Postcrossers don’t know about this and their postcards may never get delivered! Yikes!!!

What stamp is 88 cents?

Never mind, I figured it out

I saw the bunny stamp but wasn’t sure it could be used as a 20 cent stamp. I asked my local post office, but the workers there didn’t know and just said “use the international stamp.” I find the international stamp to be quite boring. Also as the originator of this thread said, the combo of interesting forever stamps + 10 cent is something I get a lot of compliments about.
I was planning to use two forevers +10 cent pear + 5 cent grapes, but I may pick up some bunny stamps too.

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Definitely get some bunnies, @jakeast ! I’ve been using them since they came out with no problems.


When is the price increase gonna take effect? Btw… Just spent too much at the USPS website on stamps… They had such a good selection! You can even preorder Happy Birthday stamps! So penpals be ready for special stamps on ur bday postcards!!!

Increase starts on August 29

Its disconcerting that the USPS people “didn’t know”. But a bunny stamp is worth 20¢ and 20¢ is 20¢ so you can use it with two first class forever stamps if you don’t mind that you are now paying 6¢ more than is needed for postage.
I have some 14¢ stamps and a few 32¢ stamps in my supply, so I’ll be using two forevers plus the 14¢ stamps for awhile, then I’ll go to one forever, one domestic postcard stamp (36¢ now, but 40¢ next week), and one 32¢ stamp until I too will have to overpay postage just to get enough space for writing on my card.

I’m going to have some extra 10¢ stamps left over, but since a domestic postcard will be 40¢, I’ll be able to use four of them or two of them plus a bunny for my cards within the USA.

Everything postmarked by this Saturday, August 28th, is the current rate. The post office doesn’t postmark on Sundays, and that is when we will begin paying more.

The good news is the bunny and other “additional ounce” stamp with Uncle Sam on it, are NOT going up in price. They will remain at 20¢. So your strategy is a good idea.

I’ve been buying extra especially the smaller denominations, like the Brush rabbit (Fun fact: That’s the official name of the additional ounce stamp, Brush rabbit. [He’s a western brush rabbit also known as a California brush rabbit. He’s native to the west coast, so I claim him and use him on my California cards. His scientific name Sylvilagus bachmani is also included on the stamp]) stamp. I send a lot of postmark requests to Postmasters, so I’ve already started stamping my international postcards with 1.30 already.

Everybody stock up and get ready to roll with the punches. Everyone will get back into the groove, until the next price hike.

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