Stamps and the coming US Postal Price Increase.....a letter

Here is a letter, that will go out in Monday’s mail to the USPS Stamp Advisory Committee Let me know what you think, feel free to use my idea, but please don’t use my exact words so all of our letters don’t lose their power:

Stamp Development
Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Room 3300
Washington DC 20260-3501

Ladies and Gentlemen,
As someone who sends postcards overseas quite often, my usual method is to use two first class forever stamps and one 10¢ stamp (with a nice illustration of pears). Most of my correspondents are those I contact through a website, Postcrossing dot com. I find the $1.20 Global stamp rather boring, and many of the people I write to are stamp collectors and find my mix of postage I use on the cards I send, enjoyable.
With the proposed increase in rates to 58¢ for a first-class stamp and $1.30 for postcards and letters up to one ounce heading out of the country, it means an additional 14¢ is needed beyond two forever stamps. I could continue using a 10¢ stamp, but then would have to use either two 2¢ stamps or a 3¢ stamp + a 1¢ stamp. This takes additional space on my postcards, but is not a problem on envelopes of course.
I’m guessing the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee has no say over postal rates. I’m writing to ask you to consider issuing a 14¢ stamp. It’s unfortunate that the overseas rate couldn’t have been raised to just $1.26 meaning only the extra 10¢ stamp could still be used.
Perhaps to save time and money on design, 14¢ stamps that were already in existence could be re-issued such as these:

(Not showing up here on PostCrossing dot com , but I inserted photos of old 14 cent stamps)

The only alternative to the above suggestions would be for you, the committee to come up with a lot more interesting and diverse designs for global stamps. I and my “philatelically inclined” friends thank you for your consideration.


I like the idea of your proposal, but the likely response is that there are additional denominations that can be used. I checked the USPS website and found at least the below four that are 3 stamps (typical for an international postcard) or less.

  • $0.95 + $0.35
  • $0.65 + $0.65
  • $1.00 + $0.10 + $0.20
  • $0.75 + $0.35 + $0.20
    Again, I do like your proposal and think that either a variety of international options or a change in rate to promote less stamp space are definitely things that should be considered.

You just blew my mind. $0.65+$0.65 , $1.00+$0.10+$0.20 both work for me. Its a few more designs than the global stamp, but it seems they really crank out all kinds of different domestic first-class forever’s. I didn’t see a $0.35 stamp. The domestic post card stamp is now $0.36, not that an extra penny would kill me, but maybe that’s my OCD kicking in.


Just as a note, if the postal increase kicks in, the postcard stamp is going up to 40 cents.

I am guessing you’re adding the semi-postal stamps. I actually don’t think this will work. It’s been my impression that you pay 65 cents for the stamps but they’re actually only worth the first class rate for the mail, i.e. 55 cents currently. So you’re actually underpaying if you just use two. The extra 10 cents you originally paid is supposedly going to the topic association as charity.


Hey Eric, Good letter and I’d suggest you add that there are over 72,079 active US members of Postcrossing in a membership of 800,000+ worldwide & Postcrossing is only one of many postcard networks in the world. And add the web address:

Most postal groups have no idea how many of their citizens regularly participate in sending postcards. Good luck!


When shopping through, filter your stamps by denomination.

I stand corrected on the $0.35. It is listed as an option, however the only stamp that comes up is the Postcard stamp. My apologies. However, you can definitely check out all the different denominations that aren’t Forever stamps and determine the possible combinations.

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This is a great addition.


I think only PTSD worth 65 cents

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Oh, poo. I didn’t know that.

To be honest, I have little confidence in the USPS. For many years, they have issued atrocious, goofy looking stamps. Like many of you, I use two Forever commemoratives + the $0.10 stamp on International postcards. You are whistling past the graveyard if you think the USPS will design a good looking stamps ($0.14).

I am going to evaluate my mailings if this scheme is approved, as it probably will. One option is to buy $0.15 commemoratives from dealers who sell at face. With my in-envelope trades, I use two Forever stamps + a $0.10, $0.13, $0.15 gummed commemorative stamp. Then again, I might forgo sending cards by themselves (naked) completely and stick with Unwritten cards trades. More bang for the buck. Just my thoughts…


I just read up on the 65 cent stamps, that is what I understand too.

I don’t even need the extra stamp to be good looking. I found 4 different stamps with that denomination, Sinclair Lewis, Julia Ward Howe, Fiorello LaGuardia and some classical statue…I inserted photos of them in my letter, they won’t copy on to this forum though. I’m just looking for stamps to take up as little real estate as possible while giving me some flexibility with designs.

No, unfortunately. The PTSD is also a semi postal, so it costs 65 cents but is worth only first-class rate (55 cents) for mailing.


I have no idea… I’ve been using the PTSD ones. Cuz I read the “Denomination & Type of Issue” says 65cents.

Thanks, I did add the membership numbers. It is going to be a printed letter, so there won’t be a link, but they should be able to figure it out if they go on line.

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I know it’s anathema because I’m a collector, but I’ve considered using the USPS kiosks to custom print 14 cent stamps. I believe you have a minimum purchase of two Forever stamps before you can continue to purchase custom denominations. It’s been a while since I’ve done this. The last time I checked the kiosk stamp takes up about the same space as two definitive if you tear off the blank portion at the end. They are supposed to be valid indefinitely despite the sale date on them.

And besides, many philatelists do collect vending machine stamps…

Ignore my last post!
I just tried it again today and the machines no longer sell custom denominations, at least not the ones at the post office I went to.

Personally, I still don’t like using more than 3 stamps so I’m going to stick with 2 forevers and an extra ounce bunny. I’m willing to eat the $.04, but now that I think about it, since I’m stocking up on forevers now ($.55), I’ll, technically be paying a total of $.06 less for an international postcard (cost: $.55+.55+.20 = $1.30 – value: $.58+.58+.20 = $1.36). And, if I’ve planned right (stocking up for, let’s say the coming holidays - even for domestic greeting cards) I won’t be eating that $.04 for a pretty long while.

As has been pointed out by other posters, collectively we probably have 100+ different calculations and reasons! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
:turtle: TurtlePoint

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That is good thinking.