Postage Increase in USA

It’s fun to figure out how many ways you can reach the correct amount! Just don’t be a doofus like me and forget that the semi-postal stamps (like the Amur tiger) are still worth the first-class rate, even though they’re more expensive. :laughing:

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I’ve also made that error regarding the semi-postals, but to be honest, the USPS website is a confusing read and the details don’t help (some say the stamps are worth 60 cents!). I’m clear on the issue now. :wink:


No, they are 1.20 now and will increase to 1.30- a sheet of global forever right now is $12.00. I try to use a combo of stamps when I can but I cannot write small enough and if the address is long , like many of the ones to Russia for example are, Ihave a difficult time with the stamps fitting. Unfortunately, I cannot print anything right now on my printer.

Even though it seems many don’t like the global forevers, they will still be good with the price increase so I have ordered several sheets to use to avoid paying more. I spend quite a bit on stamps every month as it is.

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I received a postcard from the US a couple of weeks ago, and the Postcrosser had put on eight stamps to make the correct amount. I was well impressed. She even had space to write a message.


I often use the $1 green lady with the hats, especially on patriotic themed cards such as the flag. It’s a nice combo


To use only 3 stamps, you can use the non-machinable 88c, postcard 40c and 2c stamp


I’m not sure if someone has mentioned this yet, but if you can find some 32c stamps on ebay(fairly easy to find a good deal). A forever(58) + a postcard(40)+ 32c =130.


Yep, I realized that and bought five sheets of butterfly stamps! I think those are also the ones that will increase in value most (on a percentage basis) because of this change.

I just wish I could use my normal forever stamps without having to use a bunch of others, overpay, or find old 32-cent stamps that aren’t counterfeit…

While you don’t get a choice in the stamps, you do get a nice mix (despite the name of the link, these are loose, not sheets):

I recently purchased $100 face value of low denomination stamps for about $80 from this guy. Fun to sort through, multiple ways to make it to $1.30, and endless options for thematic stamps.

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I wrote a computer program to do the math for me: New U.S. stamp combinations, through the magic of computer programming


I currently use one $0.65 stamp and one first class forever stamp for international.

After the price increase, I’ll most likely use 2 $0.65 stamps since I prefer to use as few stamps as I can.

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I think you are making the same semipostal stamp error mentioned earlier in the thread. Tigers are worth same as forever stamps, 55c now, 58c next week. The extra 10 cents paid is to support a cause, not for extra postage. By using them the ways you mentioned, you run the risk of insufficient postage → no return address → dead letter.


The new postage rates are now reflected in prices on USPS website.
As expected, the Nonmachinable Surcharge stamp is now 88 cents.

Less expected, the semipostal premium went from 10 to 17 cents, bringing the price up to 75 cents. 75 cents is the price, not the postage value

The postage value of a semipostal stamp remains the same as a forever stamp, 58 cents. Hopefully the increase means more money going towards their respective causes.

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Another thing too. Online orders have an increase in shipping too. It used to cost 1.30 in shipping for online orders. Now it’s 1.40 in shipping.

I’m pretty confident with the new prices. What I’m having trouble finding is the price for an additional ounce on envelopes internationally. I see that there are country groups, but I can’t see which country is in which group!
Any help would be appreciated!

Use the postal calculator. It does depend on the country.


Thank you!

You can also go to Postal Explorer ( where you can find the country price groups and also price lists. However, the postal calculator tool is interactive and more user friendly

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Thank you🙋🏼‍♀️

@GonePostal1840…Thank you for your observations. I try to buy stamps from legitimate dealers. Before 2020, I would always stock up on US Stamps @ face at stamp shows. I am going to an auction next month; they have a number of lots @ face available for bid.