Postage Increase in USA

Effective today, August 29, 2021, USA postal rates have increased:

Postcard is now 40cents, first class is 58 cents, and foreign is $1.30


How about the FOREVER stamp? What is the value of it?

Forever is $0.58 now.

So a postcard stamp needs a 4 cent stamp affixed, is that right?

Postcard stamps are always the current value of postcards - so if you bought them while they were $0.36, they’re still $0.40 now.


Seriously? I am going to order them online now.

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…but now postcard stamps cost $.40 online … :confused:

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Drats! I saw that just now ! But I did stock up on International stamps a while back.


I went to the PO Saturday to ransom a postage-due postcard, and the kindly clerk reminded me of the imminent postage rise, so I also bought several sheets of stamps.

Today I am dutifully sticking a extra 4 cent stamp on outgoing postcards so they arrive safely. Such is the life of a Postcrosser… :laughing:


I’ll use up most of my booty of forever stamps before buying any more this year! :blush:

If mailed within the US, yes.

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Thank you! Until I read this, I assumed Postal stamps were “Forever Postal” type stamps! Just added additional postage to a postcard I’ll be mailing tomorrow!

I do not think this is correct about postcard stamps but I am about to confirm it

The postcard stamps that have postcard printed on them are like forever stamps, you do not need to add additional postage to use them in the US for a postcard. You can verify this by looking on the Website USPS.


Hi @ChattyCathy, @tracykinal and @TurtlePoint , there are now 3 topics dealing with the recent US postage increase. I decided to merge all three into one topic. Hope you are okay with that.

The US Postal Service has announced postal increases to go into effect August 29, 2021. See the following for more information. US Postcrossers: time to stock up!

Note: Although I posted this for the “heads up” information on upcoming postage rates there are lot of good ideas and info being shared here. Thanks to all!


Thank you for letting us know!


Thanks for the heads up. :pray: Definitely need to make a trip to the post office now. :wink:

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Time to buy more pears!


Interesting they have this chart in the document supposedly comparing other countries international postal rates but I have no idea how they came up with the Canadian rate - I converted all our rates to US (and yes we have 3 rates) - so the 1st figure is Cdn, 2nd is conversion to US: domestic - 92 cents/76 cents, to send to the US $1.30/$1.08 & International $2.71/$2.25 & none of them come close to 89 cents. Mmmmh…

Be curious if the other country rates are accurate too then.

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