Stamp Out War: Support Ukraine! (2022 Edition)

Very impressive @delda. Creative, well-written, professional presentation. :star2:

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Here is the online exhibition (pdf) I will submit to EXPONET. It contains the scan of the one and the only complete set that will be auctionned off. Enjoy!

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The full catalogue for the auctioning of the 2022 edition of Ukraine support maxicards is finally here!

Here is how the auction will proceed:

14-28 June (Phase 1): 41 singles will be auctioned off. 4-5 cards per day.

After a week of pause,

5 - 12 July (Phase 2): 3 mini-sets and the complete set and potentially the leftover singles will be auctioned off.

There is no guarantee how much singles will be left over. But I should like to give people a second chance to acquire them if there be any.

The arrangement of singles / sets is designed in a way that it’s impossible to make up a mini-set or a complete set by acquiring all the singles. In other words, sets are unique!

For the moment the auction will take place on eBay. However, under extraordinary circumstance, it can end up taking place on another platform. All changes will be announced on the project’s website.

I have to increase the starting price of each card because of all the costs associated with this project that were not entirely in my control. I hope everyone will get what they desire and I look forward to shipping out all the maxicards my global team and I produced in 2022.

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Thank you for sharing this information @delda, and wishing for your project outstanding success! :bouquet:

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I have just finished up scheduling the upcoming auction!

During the first phase of the auction, the first single will begin to appear on eBay. Then at every 4 hours, a new single will be added to the listing.

In July, leftover singles will show up with the 3 mini-sets and the complete set.

Please refer to the catalogue to see the complete list of these 45 auction lots (41 singles + 4 sets).

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According to my survey, eBay was the platform that is the most common denominator for philatelists and the general public. Since I want to allow the maximum amount of people getting the chance to acquire their desired maxicard(s), I chose to host the auction on eBay.

After the eBay auction ends, the sale of any leftover may be entrusted to a Vancouver-based stamp specialist who has been raising funds for Ukraine since the war started; he is also the man behind the idea of Canada’s Help for Ukraine semi-postal stamp release. But I must say that his sale platform seems to gear toward traditional philatelists; I myself don’t find it intuitive to place a bid there.

eBay did give me some troubles during my first attempt at setting up the auction. Originally, I use the project’s email address ( to sign up an account. Then within a few hours, I received a message from eBay saying that this account was permantely suspended and would remain so after I sent out my complaint. I haven’t even created any listing or made any purchase yet!

Our guess is that the word ‘war’ triggered something in eBay’s algorithm, and that they don’t allow any account mentionning that word (eBay never gave me the precise reason for their decision, so we can only guess). For this reason, I am trying to refrain from mentioning the project’s name and putting the project’s website url which contain the sensitive w-word in the new account. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but I don’t want the new account to be suspended too.

Update: The auction is over. Now the remaining cards will be sent off to Vancouver to continue their journey, and I will focus on the production of the 2023 edition of Ukraine support maxicards.

The remaining 2022 Ukraine Support Maxicards resulting from the Stamp Out War project are now entrusted to the Vancouver-based All Nations Stamp and Coin for sale. 56 cards will be listed individually in the coming weeks.

The first week of online auction ended well for these precious maxicards that our global team had produced. All 3 cards were auctioned off at a price that is higher than the estimated $20: $27 for the Austrian variety, $36 for the Canadian (Myrnam) and Ukrainian (1992) varieties.

I am excited to see to that there was actual bidding taking place.

When I was holding the first online auction on eBay, there was no competition, and every bidder got their preferred card(s) at the lowest starting price that is $20/card.

I guess this kind of collectibles sell better in the hands of a specialist. Thanks be given to Brian – the fellow behind the petition urging Canada Post to issue a semi-postal stamp in support of Ukraine!

Second week on sale: Canada (Vegreville), Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine (1996).

From the collector’s point of view, it’s more advantage to participate in the eBay auction that orientates towards the general public. But from the charity’s point of view, proceeds are maximised in specialist’s hands.

There will be an eBay auction for the 2023 edition of Ukraine Support Maxicards. Please stay tuned!

This week’s Ukraine Support Maxicards at the highest price realised: $110 for Germany and Ukraine (1996)!!!

That the Ukrainian varieties are in demand is kind of within my expectation, but why is the German one so popular? Does anyone know?

Now I am wondering how my favourite maxicard – the Japanese variety with a sunflower cancel which my participant drove nearly 2 hours to get – will perform.

Every other maxicard was also sold at price exceeding the minimum bid. Good to see people’s generous contribution to Ukraine relief funds didn’t wane with time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The result of the 3rd week of auction may be a bit surprising –

This week, the highest price realised ($99) is the French variety created by my philatelic friend Xavier (from The Stamp Forum) !! So far, this is also the second highest price realised overall.

The Ukrainian variety (2001) at $82 placed second (or the third overall).

I thought this French variety was the most boring of all – The village (called Le Temple) where Xavier happened to be was so small and unknown that its name was not even inscribed in the cancel.

I was expecting Ukrainian to always be the most popular varieties. I can’t say to understand the logic of auction …

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Nice results for the 4th week of auction!

We have a new record achieved by Ukraine (2001): $150 !!!

My favourite card of all ended up with the second place: $130 !! @-Makoto- Ai, you must be very proud of yourself and your country!

Germany kept being sold at $110 !

My German friend who helped create this card will be very surprised, as she thought the cancel (called ‘socked-on-nose’) was badly applied :rofl:

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Another Japanese variety sold at $99 this week!

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Canadian Stamp News wrote about the Stamp Out War: Support Ukraine! project in October-November 2023. Here is the printed version of the online article:

And after I entrusted the very first ‘philagraph’ – a new word coined by a number of philatelists to designate a kind of philately-inspired artwork – created on the theme of ‘Help for Ukraine’ for this project to Brian of All Nations Stamp and Coin to sell, Canadian Stamp News did another write-up about this upcoming auction:

I just realised that I didn’t post here the final look of the artwork – after the first-day-of-issue cancel was added to it. Here is the piece of art that will be auctioned off to raise funds for Canada Ukraine Foundation on 25 November 2023:

The 2026 edition of Stamp Out War: Support Ukraine! project will focus on the creation of this kind of artworks that incorporate at least one stamp and one postmark relating to the theme of the work. We are currently recruiting artistically included people to volunteer their talent. Please contact me if you should wish to join this creative initiavite.

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