Stamp Combinations via Web App

Hello! I am making this post in response to this post:

I made a small web application to calculate stamp combinations. Right now it looks like this:

Please comment on this post if you have any suggestions for better user-friendliness or if you have any ideas for things I could add to this in the future! In the meantime, here is the URL if you want to check it out and make some stamp calculations:

I am going to continue to make updates to this web application to make it look better and have a better user experience, stay tuned :blush:

EDIT: This probably would work with any country, so I removed USPS from the title of this post

EDIT: I’ve made a lot of styling changes
On the computer:

On the phone:

Also, I want to change the URL. Since stamp-calculator is actually taken, any recommendations for a new URL? :blush:


There exists already a postage calculator ( but personally your calculator is more aesthetically pleasing I think. Perhaps add “quick links” for certain prices such as postcard, etc.

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WIth 3 stamps I sometimes do 2 Forevers and an additional 1 oz stamp. I wonder why that option doesn’t come up on your app

The additional 1 oz stamp is $0.24 right? It worked for me… I made a few updates to the website a few hours ago since I found some issues coming up too. Maybe it’s fixed now

Let me know if it’s fixed if you try it again

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I was actually basing the comment on the example you ran initially.

Thanks for putting in all that work!

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Is it possible to add the $1.00 stamp? With a postcard stamp it equals $1.44 @ 2 stamps.

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Super cool - thanks for posting this!

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Thanks for posting! I knew you could use different stamp combinations for US mail but I wasn’t sure if you could for international so this was very helpful!


I tried in Indonesian postages and it works! :+1:
Perhaps you can add divider between the “total price” like I did above to make it easier to read?
And if the $ symbol can be removed / changed to other currency symbol too, it would be perfect!

It’s really helpful! Thank you for making this. :blush:

From my limited programming knowledge I think it might be quite complicated but I wondered if there’s a way for the site to keep hold of the stamp values you input. I think this might require some kind of log in but I could be wrong? This is awesome though! Thank you.

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I’m so happy to hear that! And yep, that was my plan for today, I’ll reply again when that change is up and you can let me know if it’s any easier to read :smile:

Yes, if I wanted it to keep track of individual user’s stamp values they input, I’d have to have users login and it save their values to a database. Otherwise though, I can keep track of stamp values in a file or something so the user can reference it when they want to see stamp values, or put links on the page for users to go and get stamp values from the post office’s websites, what do you think about either or those ideas?

Here is what I was working on yesterday, what do you think about it displaying tables instead of just text?

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Ooh that looks neat!
Tables make it even better, I think.
Would another combination of 3 stamps, for example, with different “total” create a separate new tables?

And I just realized that we can also enter text, not just a stamp value. :+1:

Yep! I’ll let you know when the change is up and you can try it out. I’m currently trying to make the app look better depending on screen sizes since on the phone it looks a bit awkward :sweat_smile:

And yep! You can enter the price then a space, then the stamp name

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Hello! The change is up and I made a lot of styling changes :smile:

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It will be $1.48 next week, but 3¢ extra is fine to save room.

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Not only that but the round International stamp takes up a lot of room, and isn’t very popular among recipients. When you see mention of “nice stamps” it’s a request that you avoid those if possible.


I have tried it again and I love the new look!
It’s easier to read now and the size fits perfectly on my phone screen. I like that I can also add the name of each stamp, and you put it where it’s easier to find using the tables.

Thank you for making this. It will help a lot. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for doing this! I have many older unused stamps of varying denominations, and it’s time-consuming to figure out how to get them to add up to the right amount. This calculator will be a huge help, and make it easier to use “nice” stamps.