Some non-official maxicards I managed to make

I started postcrossing in August this year and have learnt many new things about postcards. One of them is the pictorial postmarks. The USPS offers special postmarks every month and there are also first-day-of-issue postmarks available.

At the same time I learnt about maxicards and this postmarks, it came to my mind immediately that may be I could make some non-official maxicards myself since they don’t issue official ones here in the US.

My plan: (1) Customize some postcards which have the same theme with stamps. (2) Apply a matte finish to the picture side to make postmarks print better. (3) Stick the stamp. (4) Prepare an small envelope for returning of these postcards. (5) Write a letter requiring for the postmarks and send them in an large envelope.

After over one month of waiting, the result turns out to be great! Here are some of my “maxicards”:

I also sent some cards with the Sun Science and Otters in Snow stamps but I haven’t received them yet. Maybe I would update those later in this topic after receiving them :slight_smile:


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