So why are you on Postcrossing?

I know we are all in Postcrossing for a variety of reasons but I’ve been wondering, are most people on here as postcard collectors or as people hoping to make connections (even one-time connections) with people around the world.

For me, it’s the latter: I like knowing that plain, old, ordinary me at least tried to make someone’s day a little brighter by sending a postcard.

Not that it’s a bad thing, but reading many profiles lately, it seems like a lot of people are in it for the former – adding postcards to their collection.

What say you? It’s rather cool finding out why we’re in this somewhat obscure past-time. Whatever your reason is, I hope you continue to enjoy it.



If you want honest answer you should make anonymous poll :slightly_smiling_face:


I like sending cards and making people smile. I like the random anecdotes and brief glimpses of stories that I get on cards.

I do also keep cards (mostly with beautiful stamps on) in an album but they are only worthwhile because they have traveled and because they were put together by someone just for me.


I joined Postcrossing 10 years back when i was little depressed after personal and work related stress. Later I decided to collect the postcards from around the world. Later i started collecting the used postcards (sent by someone to someone), those are little time capsules which gives info about somone’s some visit to a city, how he spent christmas or where he was celebrating his New year eve. After reading those it changed my perspective.
So currently i am on postcrossing in order to create my time capsule so that maybe after 10 or 20 years from now, i will be having something interesting to read about what someone did in those times. Also i started scanning the written part of the postcard and start saving those. that will help me to understand what i did or i thought few years back :slight_smile:


I’m on Postcrossing because first of all I can collect many postcards from all around. There are many beatiful things. Maybe I can get a postcard from a country where I won’t have a chance to go my whole life. Also I can learn life stories, experiences, hobbies, cultures and many other things. I can make people smile.


I like to learn about different styles of life and cultures in different parts of the world :slight_smile: I’ve learnt a lot since I joined Postcrossing. And yes, I started to collect certain themes of cards, but that is just a nice side effect (I only started after joining here).


I always loved writing postcards to friends and family when on vacation.
When I joined Postcrossing I was actually surprised how many people collect postcards that are not view cards.

Now I just love the connection with other people and all the happy mail in my mailbox.

I am a collector and I have wishes on my profile. As happy as I am when receiving a card matching that list on the official site I grow my collection mostly through the forum. The official site is not for collectors and I respect that.


I joined because I like sending out postcards and potentially making a stranger’s life a bit happier. The world has enough sadness and stress as it is.


Getting a postcard makes me jump for joy! Since it brings smiles to my face, I hope that I am doing the same for someone else when they receive one!



I always loved writing postcards to friends and family when I was on vacation. But I hardly received cards from their vacations. I’m also into pen-palling since my childhood, with some breaks between the years. I always wanted to learn about other cultures ect.
When I joined Postcrossing it was because I just wanted to get in touch with other people around the world again.
I also collect postcards and I have my preferences. But getting a card from my wishlist is just a “+”.

The most important thing is still the connection with other people and all the great mail in my mailbox.

Infact most of my best friends I met through Postcrossing and we found out that we have other common interests and (without Covid-19) we meet a lot. :hugs::two_hearts:


At first, not for collection nor connection.
I joined Postcrossing when I lost many things and need something to stay. Writing a postcard, sending it and then waiting for it to arrive is perfect for that. It gives me something to look forward to. Then I started to like the idea that something I send can possibly make someone smile. I began to enjoy the communication, the small collection I’m starting to have, the decorating and writing process, and the moments I received postcards and see the world through them. :slight_smile:


Years ago a German friend of mine told me about Postcrossing. I signed up and I am still here. I do like buying cards and sending them. I made many friends through Postcrossing both in AUS and in Europe.
I went to a few meet up gatherings too and met postcrossers in person. I don’t collect cards any more but I keep the stamps for a Charity I support. They sell the stamps on to collectors. I have a few favourite cards that I keep on the kitchen wall and I change them over from time to time. The present display has been there for about a year and I add to it when a special card arrives. I appreciate all cards and most of them I upload into a folder. Almost all cards I have sent, except at the very beginning when I didn’t have a printer/scanner, are uploaded. It is just such a great hobby! :grinning: :heart:


I second that motion! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :rainbow:

It represents a big opportunity to discover new places, cultures and people of course, especially during this period where travelling is almost impossible


So for me, I joined postcrossing back in September. At the start of the pandemic, I took up scrapbooking as a hobby to pass time during lockdown. In just a few short months, I had accumulated a giant stash of art supplies and stickers. I had pretty much reached my limit of scrapbook pages to create, so I was interested in taking up a new quarantine friendly hobby.

Fast forward to late summer when my 2020 trip to Ireland was officially cancelled due to COVID :frowning: I decided that “If I can’t go see the world, then I will find a way to bring the world to me.” Traveling is one of my passions and this is a way to satisfy my wish for adventure until it is safe again. Before I joined, I took part in a few art supply mail exchanges on facebook. I can’t accurately describe how excited I was to open my mailbox and find a package just for me instead of just plain old bills. I wanted that happy feeling to continue. So, after a google search, I came across Postcrossing. I wasn’t planning to get super involved at first, but after sending and receiving a few cards…I was hooked! So far, I have send over 60 postcards (official and direct swaps) and received 52. I also now have one letter pen pal and two postcard pen pals. It has been quite a journey so far and I love it so much! The postcrossing community is so friendly. So glad that I made the decision to join!


I first joined Postcrossing because I wanted to collect stamps, and I thought that was one of the easiest ways to get stamps from all around the world.

Then, I fell in love with postcards too, and I started to collect postcards as well. I think postcards and stamps are amazing because they show so much about a country’s culture in one picture. I learn so much from postcards and stamps, and they help me travel to some places which I might never get a chance to.

I took a hiatus for a few years because of finances (I was a student then). Now, I’m back because I was bored from the lockdown due to COVID-19, and I realised how much I missed out on my hobby of collecting postcards and stamps, so I’m back! :grin:


I joined a few months to keep on being able to send postcards: Pre COVID-19, I was lucky enough to travel a lot, and was sending about 20 postcards to family and friends per trip. With COVID-19, not so much…
Postcrossing allows me, in a way, to go on. I can keep on never buying the same stamps again, keep on using my fountain pens, and keep on making people receiving my postcards happy (and some are very happy, which is great!).
And receiving postcards makes for the places I cannot see!

I joined because I always wanted to ‘mail’ something through my local PO. Though our PO is slow as hell, which is also the primary reason people would go digital, I hope to revive the culture of snail mails and postcrossing among my people especially the youth as well. Also because it’s just great to know that you may be able to put a smile on someone’s face miles and miles away from you :relaxed:


I joined Postcrossing, because I love (certain kinds of) postcards so much! :heart: And special stamps also make me very happy! :green_heart:

And after all these years: I like many more (kinds of) cards, than I used to like, I have an enormous collection of cards, because, since I have become a Postcrosser, I enjoy buying cards even more, than I used to! :smiley: Because now I don’t only make myself happy, but, potentially, many other people too!

I have found out so many things through Postcrossing, that were new to me, many of my Penfriends have become Postcrossers and through meetings I have met some people that are very precious to me! :slight_smile:

Some of my favourite people are Postcrossers! :blue_heart:

Postcrossing has really broadened my horizon! :heart:


I absolutely love writing people. I like being able to send a smile to someone, because I know that I smile when I receive something in my mailbox that isn’t junk or a bill. :+1:t4: I also enjoy meeting people and learning about them, their likes and dislikes, their culture, etc. :brown_heart:

I’m a music teacher :musical_note: and I think I’ll add to my profile “Please tell me your favorite musical artist and their best song.” That way I can learn of new artists from all over the world to share with my college students! :blush:

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