Singapore: Stamps unavailable at Post Offices going forward

Hello PC world,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that stamps will no longer be available at the neighbourhood POs :disappointed:

I checked in with my local PO and they said that Singpost was pushing digitalisation, and pushing people to get stamps from their site.

From what I hear, they’re only selling labels at the POs from now on
(This is in conflict to what others have heard from their POs. Let’s just say the news is murky, to say the least.
I will update the post if I get more concrete information!)

It’s a sad day for philately :sob:


In India we have to buy commemorative stamps at GPO or from Website only :smiling_face_with_tear: regular post offices like SO/HO don’t have definitive stamps only :smiling_face_with_tear:


Philately sure is going downhill and snailmail too, sadly. :cry:

Otherwise postage rates wouldn’t rise so much to make people stop sending snailmail. Shame on some countries! :rage:

I am glad I am old already, I pity the young, that lose out so much (but most don’t even know, I guess). :roll_eyes:


I have a feeling it’s more of a top down decision, since they are trying to push people towards using the site.

Unfortunately the site has several issues with it.

  1. Not all stamps are available
  2. I can only buy stamps in full, complete sets.
    If I wanted a sheet of 10 of a particular denomination, I cannot get it


My city has philately bureau which only one in my saurashtra region, but by swear they’ll give you or sell you any Commemorative stamps!! Like they’ll tell they have limited stock only for account holders:(
So i just buy from ePost office!

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GPO is too far for me. HOs or SOs or any other post office literally don’t have stamps or any other Philatelic materials. So better to buy from epost. You got me many stamps though Hemang :heart::grinning: again like you Vasant and @masalaptk uncle also buy for me. Because many of the definitives are often not available in Epost. :smiling_face_with_tear: I thought the state of postal department is bad in India only, turns out It’s really a sad state everywhere in the world :sob:

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Few definitive stamps available in epost office


Very few. Not the 1/2/5 anymore. They are most needed :smiling_face_with_tear: on top of it Indian Commemorative stamps are getting bigger than the postcard itself :roll_eyes:

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…that’s the whole point :cry:

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In UAE easy way of getting commemorative stamps is online order. But the difficulty is buying the full sheet which is expensive. Also now the Denomination of stamps are AED 3, which is the cost for sending a card all over the world, perfect for us. But for philately and collectors it is not interesting. I frequently get request for using small denominations.

I go to my postal branch t mail / collect my mail every other day. At the counter, I rarely ask them about new stamps; most of the time, they don’t have them. Kinda ironic really what with all the posters on the walls highlighting new stamps.

Most of my mail has the correct rate on the envelope or card. For heavier pieces, they slap on a machine label and away I go. I keep on ordering my US Stamps from the USPS fulfillment center in Kansas City. Or I buy postage at stamp shows.


I am not sure what happens in Austria, but here in the US, First Class Mail has descended into something quite a bit lower. There are a number of reasons for this.

The person who heads the USPS is a political flunkie. If he was in the business world, he would have been canned years ago. The USPS has been very slow to adapt to customer behavior. There are so many activities that depended on the mail, but now are done online. Lastly, the USPS is competing against other companies for the lucrative package business. That is where the money is.


I know the package business is where the money is! :roll_eyes:

That’s what they Österreichische Post concentrates on also! :roll_eyes:

From hearsay I “know” that the next head of the Österreichische Post has no interest or understanding for philately and so the future regarding this is uncertain. :roll_eyes:

Sadly I have to roll my eyes so profusely when I think about some aspects of snailmail, that they :eye: :eye: are nearly stuck at the back of my head already. :roll_eyes:

Another aspect: I hate this world-wide greed for permanent “growth”! There ARE limits to everything and if enough is not enough, for someone, there will never be enough (of whatever).

(That said, when it comes to cards and stamps, I sometimes lose control myself. :crazy_face:).

Yeah, but now you just use Commemoratives okay, they are more beautiful and nice stamps on outgoing mails :love_letter::sunglasses:

The stamps are already no longer available at some post offices as I checked today.

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For 1re how can I use commemorative? Also if the stamp is that huge one 5re takes the entire space :laughing: no space for 10rs :roll_eyes:

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Oh definitely we have to use 1rs or other filler Definive stamps, but for 5& 10 rs we should use Commemoratives:)

Ofc, only when the size of the 5rs forget even 10r stamps is NOT as large as the postcard :sob::joy:

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Most of the time I find it very hard to put 10 rs stamp after putting a 5rs because they are THAT HUGE eating away almost 80% of the address area. :sob:

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Thanks to the almighty Taobao, I can buy discounted stamps. :smiling_face_with_tear: