Show Your Maxipics (Maximum Pictures)

I went to Tallinn this summer and sent a few cards with the view from our hotel room in the background, as the tower was shown in most of the cards I sent. Here’s one of them:


The Monument to the laboratory mouse is a sculpture in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Siberia


Here is the store manager of Hong Kong Reader, an amazing local bookstore, and the postcard I got there.


This is not a real Maxi picture, but nearly…. And it’s beautiful :heart_eyes:

I‘ve made it on my vacation in Greece some weeks ago :greece:

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Is this photo also included in maxipics? :see_no_evil:
This is a famous local dish called Houtou from Yamanashi Prefecture.


Easter vacation on the fourth largest island of Germany - Sylt! Lighthouse of Kampen.


Have you ever taken photos that feature your postcards as the main subject? Have you ever uploaded these pictures to the official Postcrossing website? Let’s share them here!

I did this with some of the cards that I sent from China during my trip two months ago. Since I usually scan my cards and had no scanner at my disposal while travelling, I decided to get creative!

This shows Chongqing’s famous Yangtze River Cableway, which crosses the river and enters straight into the concrete jungle of the central district. Imagine riding in a cable car with skyscrapers on both sides…

We’re still in Chongqing. This is Liziba Station, one of the stops of the city’s metro system. It’s special because it goes straight into the 6th floor of a residential building. To get on the train, we had to go underground, so we were surprised to see that we were still that high up!

Xi’an Bell Tower. An ancient structure from 1384, in the heart of Xi’an (which is also in the heart of China). This place is way colder than Chongqing (it was snowing too).

No monument this time, just a mailbox. I was in Dunhuang, in China’s “Far West” (look it up on the map!). It was -9°C that night, so that’s why I was all gloved up. You can see my skateboard as well, which I used to explore all these Chinese cities.

Now it’s your turn! Show everyone your pics! They don’t have to be registered cards on Postcrossing :wink:


I sent one from my local historic carousel in Albany, OR, USA :slight_smile:

I want to go back and take more of each carousel animal!