Show Your Maxipics (Maximum Pictures)

What is a Maximum Picture or Maximum Photograph?

A Maximum Picture (maxipic) is a picture or photograph of another picture, photograph, or postcard (object), held by its photographer, taken in the same place depicted by the object, which makes the photograph, its object, and its background achieve maximum concordance (similarity).

Put it more simply by @meiadeleite: photos in which a postcard is put in front of the place where its picture was taken:

Mafra Palace Library

For us, Postcrossers, the object would be a postcard, of course! :slight_smile:

This is not a new concept. As pointed out by @jeffbh, photographer Kenneth Josephson has experimented with this type of art since the sixties, championing the idea of the photograph as an object.

The term maxi-picture was coined by @sebiusz on this post. Since I haven’t found any specific name given to these pictures, I thought it was fine to adopt the term.

But, what do you guys think? Feel free to participate in the poll below:

How Should These Images be Called?
  • Maximum Picture (maxipic or maxi-pic)
  • Maximum Photograph (maxiphoto or maxi-photo)

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If you know of any other term used for these images, please let us all know.

Also, please share your own Maxipics with us on this thread. If it was used as a Wall Image better yet!

A good example of an Official Postcrossing Maxipic is @Idler’s one:

Here are a couple of mine taken a couple of days ago. I will share their Postcrossing link once they’re registered by their recipient:


These are really cool!

But I think that name could easily get confused with maxicards which are also known as maximum cards, and are when a card has a stamp with the same image or theme and is postmarked on the stamp, often with a special postmark of the same theme.

So maybe another name would avoid confusion - like “embeds” for a picture embedded in a picture, or Droste cards Droste effect - Wikipedia
or mise en abyms


Today I visited the church built for the Wyandot tribe in the 1820s on their old Reservation. They were removed from Ohio and sent west in the 1840s and now live in my home state of Oklahoma, but tribal members come north in the summer for services. Postcards are sold at the local history museum


Oh wow!
So cool @Izzy2018 !
Thanks for sharing!
How wonderful that they sell the postcards on-site !

Hi @TwasBrillig the name is actually inspired on Maxicards, Given that in maxicards the stamp, postmark and card are in maximum concordance, the same thing happens with the photo, the card and the card’s depiction.
So one is is a
Maximum (concordance) Card.
The other one is a
Maximum (concordance) Picture or Photo

But the “embed” concept is good, descriptive, and it makes sense :slight_smile:

Share yours if you ever make one :slight_smile:


I like “maxipic” because I don’t think both pictures should necessarily have to be in the form of actual photos :slightly_smiling_face:

“Maxipic” would include a card that shows a painting or drawing of a landmark, photographed on site, or even a painting or drawing of the card and site, if someone had the skills to do that. Photos would surely be the most common form they would take, but shouldn’t we use an umbrella term for all? :thinking:


I thought the same thing.
I guess Maxipic could be used to describe all cases, and maxiphoto when it’s that, a photo.

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Some have been received and registered:

This one’s my favorite, as it also features the library’s stamp on the written side:


These are all lovely! I’ve only visited Mafra once (on a Postcrossing meetup!), and now I regret not getting some postcards before touring the palace… Maybe this will be a new way of doing tourism: first get some nice postcards, then go find the places where those postcards were taken! :heart_eyes:

On social media, these kind of pictures have been called #xtremedeltiology… even if going out with one’s postcards is not exactly an extreme sport. :sweat_smile: (maxipic or maxiphoto actually make more sense to me, as a name).

I’ve written a blog post about this kind of pictures sometime ago (also featuring stamps), which should be published today — hopefully we’ll see a few more postcrossers sharing theirs here. I really look forward to it!


I really enjoy seeing these and was sad that I don’t live in a postcard worthy place, but then I took my photo of the Wyandot card & church and realized I actually do!



Please send the link! :slight_smile:

Here it is!


The first photo is from Maykop, Russia. The second photo is Arkhyz, Russia. The third photo is Krasnodar, Russia. All this is located in the North Caucasus. I really like the project “place from a postcard”. But it seems to me wrong to call such postcards - maxicard


What wonderful pictures @maleva2110, thank you very much for sharing them! My favorite one is the Krasnodar one.

I don’t think anyone called them Maxicards (as in maximum postcards), but rather Maxipics (as in maximum pictures). Someone suggested that name on a thread, and it checks out a few boxes. But we’d love to hear other name suggestions (new ones, or that already exist).

If these ever get registered, please share them here! :slight_smile:

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Here is a view on the top of the Vršič hill in Slovenia.


How nice! I have such good memories of having sweat tea in that place! :heart_eyes:

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Perfect concordance with the postcard’s perspective! :muscle:
Share it when it’s registered as well please :slight_smile:


The card was part of a private swap, so it sadly won’t be registered :(.

Another one registered:

I will send out today a postcard Ettore Rößler Franz “Porta S. Paolo”, which looks nowadays like this