Show your ad/free cards

I wonder why nobody wants them: Adcards and freecards. Some are very funny, special, beautiful and crazy in the best way.
They are also a wonderful mirror of what our society liked or disliked during a certain time and so they are more or less historical.

I want to invite you: Show your ad/freecards here and share their special meanings with us.


I’m in! :laughing:

Maybe change the title of the topic to this?

Good idea!

These are four of the many, many ad cards that I have. :smirk:


Oh very good! Here are some ads I sent which I think are really good:

These are very popular among German Postcrossers at the moment and they’re actually free!

This is a free card from a travel agency for scientific travels with which I traveled in 2019.

“I’d rather have foam on my beer” :smiley:


I would love to get that Metallica card! They’re all lovely.

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I have not so much free cards - I don’t see them in regular basis in Moscow.

I really love this two - I took them in hostel when I was on my last trip to Cologne two years ago. I was on postcrossing break that time so I’m a little sad now that I took just two!

I also love this one - it’s from local Israeli food restaurant.

Haven’t send any of them because not all love AD or free cards, so I just carefully stocked these cards for lovers :slight_smile:


I would be happy to receive any postcard with Hebrew :heart_eyes:

I thought this, and noticed often there’s some word play or something that it’s not easy to understand, unless the sender explains it, or maybe share where they got the card.

Here are some I’ve sent:


I agree, ad cards can be really interesting! Here are some I have sent:

I especially like this card since it is a take on this Finnish classic below by Akseli Gallen-Kallela showing Lemminkäinen’s mother grieving her son (1897). The ad card was made by RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association, nowadays called Veikkaus. It has a monopoly on gambling in Finland and the money has been used for many good causes. But it is a controversial system which is currently changing.


Here are some ad/free cards I sent out

The last card is a wood print from a wood museum here in region, the card was also the ticket. Once we had family meetup there, I asked everyone if I could have the cards for Postcrossing :grin:


Oh this CUP!!!
This is wonderful and I also like the devil.


i love free Art AD cards.
here is what i sent as an official, featuring an artwork by this super famous Japanese artist named Yayoi Kusama :


My first received ad card in Postcrossing

Ad card is not common here, except in Bali. This is an ad card from a luxury car rental in Bali. I got it from a Postcrosser giveaway.


Haven’t sent many since most profiles I got people stated not to want them. Here’s one interesting I’ve sent though since the person liked different materials:

It’s a 3d lenticular postcard. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some I’ve received:


Hello Ad-card-fans.
…where do you get all these cards ? Mostly of them are great…so I can’t understand why they are not often acceptable…
Wish you a good time…
Happy :european_post_office:-crossing

I don’t mind if it’s an ad / free card or a regular card. There are lots of fantastic free cards around!

My most favourited sent card is actually a free art card.

I’ve sent these:

This is my most favourited card, but as it’s NSFW, I won’t post as preview: DE-5020078

And I have many more to send out: Offer / Ad & Free Cards | Cassiopheia's Postcard Gallery


I am not sure what Corona has done to them, but before that they were everywhere: Cinemas, Cafés, Kneipen, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Museums.
Same years ago, when I stilled lived in Berlin I was a hunter of free material for my collages, like broshures, flyer, leaflets etc…And then I noticed them and they were great. But I have lost a lot.





I love the development goals card. What was the source @Cassiopheia ?