Show us your World Postcard Day 2023 designs!

This is probably true… sadly. Okay I’m white but honnestly I won’t care if the person is black, white, pink, trans, blue, female, a child, a redhead, a elderly, a bear, a pidgeon, a unicorn, rainbow coloured or whatever… :slight_smile:


I think it can be a ghoul disguise as a normal looking human male.

Funny :laughing: to read through this all discussion!

Just to remind everyone this thread is going off topic!

Stay in the course and take a deep breath.

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In today’s digital world, it is a sin to be a straight white male :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
I am country music fan and I was labeled racist and misogynist supporter on twitter because today’s country music is dominated by white male singers. What’s wrong with that? Pop music is dominated by young beautiful girls, rap is dominating by black male, r&b is dominating by black male and female.


Stop replying, everyone! Anna is here!


Indeed — I’m here to remind everyone to cool it off, be respectful and bring things back on topic, please.


Back to the topic, my partner @Christina_LJH illustrates some new designs for this year World Postcard Day. The designs are free and you can get more info here.

Here are some previews, or you may watch it on Youtube:


Very lovely with all the different postboxes

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Yes, they were shown on the blog last year - they were great. I think we should have a multiple of winners to choose from - the more designs to send the better!


The new winner is published:

so now everyone else can also show what they did too without worrying :hugs:

I looooove this winning entry, more than I ever hoped for :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I love it!!! Oh it’s so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beautiful postcard :heart_eyes:


Omg this is beautiful! I can’t believe this wasn’t the original winner. It’s so whimsical :purple_heart:



Taken from the blog :

Here’s a short text she wrote about her submission:

Once in a blue moon, the two long lost friends meet and hug each other. Their hundreds of letters and postcards roamed the oceans before they finally met. Now they can say, “till we meet again, my dear friend!”

The winner of the World Postcard Day 2023 is Lisa Saputra (aka lisasaputra)


Now yes, I really liked this postcard, much better than the previous one.

But I didn’t like disabling comments there, I felt a kind of censorship, it’s right that offensive comments are not welcome, but it’s okay to say if you didn’t like it and give constructive criticism to improve next time, there’s no way at all world like the same thing.
It’s a pity that the current postcard winner can’t read the congratulatory comments.


I think you can send all the improvement suggestion to them, there is the link, or suggest here in the forum, in the suggestion thread maybe too? It’s much easier to find that way, and also others can comment.

Yes, it’s sad that not possible to congratulate in the comments, but there is no guarantee there would be rude comments again, isn’t it? There was the possibility to comment earlier, it was shown how badly people can behave, when they don’t like the winner, why see it happen again? I think it was a wise decision, and who knows, maybe it can be opened later, when the first feelings (of maybe disappointment?) go away.


I love it! Will be happy to send and receive this :two_hearts:


This is my design for the WPD competition - I thought that now the ‘new’ winner has been chosen it was safe to post this design on here. I painted this in gouache on paper.
I can’t really remember what I wrote to go with the design - but I was wanting to convey the feeling of being hugged when you read a postcard.

I will be printing my design, so if anyone would like to swap on WPD please PM me with your address and I would be very happy to swap.


They offer the chance to give constructive criticism. It doesn’t have to be done in a public forum.
“As usual, for questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us.”


I sure she’ll see the Forum comments & it’s a lovely idea & design!


I’m so glad there is a new postcard design and winner I love it. I know so many of us were completely confused :thinking: about how the first one could have possibly gotten through and on top of that have chosen as the winner. It was the oddest thing. I thought I was on an alternative universe :crazy_face: when it was announced.

This new card should have been the winner in the first place it is absolutely stunning and seems more in alignment with the quality and standards that we’ve come to expect from the artists and to be chosen by the team.
Thank God. Geez.
On a side note.
I’d love to see some diversity on the judging panel next year as well. That’s my two sense. Thank you to the winning artist. I look forward to having some cards printed with the new design :pray:t3::pray:t5::pray::pray:t6::pray:t2::pray:t4: