Show us your Selfmade "fake" Stamps/ Cinderella Stamps/ Artistamps

Do you sometimes draw or make decorative fake postal stamps / artistamps / cinderella stamps? You can show them here.

A discussion and more explanation about Cinderella stamps can be found here: Cinderella Stamps - Let’s face the truth.

Hallo ich zeige euch heute einen kleinen Teil meiner, in diesem Jahr entstandenen, selbstgezeichneten Stempel, die ich auf die Postkarten male :wink::sunglasses:.

Hello I show you today a small part of my, created this year, self-drawn stamps that I paint on the postcards :eye::red_circle::eye:


Welcome to the Forum Dorit! Very cool & creative stamps - thanks for sharing them!

Wow! I absolutely love this. What a talent! The last one immediately made me laugh. I think you really make little bundles of joy :hugs:

Welcome to forum, these stamps are beautiful, keep drawing and creating more amazing stamps, keep sharing them in future ))

Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! I love when people get creative with their postcards. The one with the cat is my favourite :smile: Echt toll!

I agree! These are WONDERFUL!!! A compilation for the year would make a great postcard. Keeping following your creative spirit!

Thank you for the All answers


They are wonderful :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I’m not an artist, but I’m in love with colours, paper, patterns…
That goes well my love for Mail/ Mail Art - it’s good to have a place where to send the creative outputs, no need to store them :wink:

A while ago we did a crazy acquisition and bought a vintage perforator, so now I can perforate paper to make my own decorative stamps.
Most often used are those I use for writing the ID for official postcards, I will add a photo later.

I made these “RR-identification” ones a while ago using a text rubber stamp and brilliant pattern rubber stamps (and markers) for the background:


Here is my fake stamp postcard, here the holes are just fakes with black pen :smile: :


Oh wow! You have a vintage perforator ? How cool is that! :slight_smile:

Hello fellow Postcrossers,

Have you heard of ArtiStamps ? I had not heard of them until this year. Does anyone make them ? Or have you received ones created by others ?

I have never made them yet as I do not have any machine like a sewing machine or tools to perforate to make them look like postage stamps. But I have received some created by others on an art exchange site.

If you have Artistamps by you or other artists, please show us ! :slight_smile:

Here are some that I have received :


Also, I am wondering how the perforate machine for ArtiStamps look like ??

Our very old, vintage perforating machine looks like this:

I just opened a trade topic:



That is very cool !
Thank you for showing it to us :slight_smile:

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And Artistamp sheets made by my mail art friends in USA :


And here are my own artistamps made with my hand-carved stamps :slight_smile:


You can also buy stamp perforating mechanisms on Etsy, but you probably can’t perforate more than a couple of stamps at a time, let alone entire sheets.



In Japan, there are utility knifes made in Osaka by OLFA that are a round shape. It rolls and can perforate as in postage stamps. I was at the major stationery shop in Osaka yesterday and found a couple of such round utility knifes in different size but the smallest sized one that I was looking for was sold out. But I am going to get it sooner or later. It was about only 600 yen ( 4 Euro ) ! I will show it in this thread when I get it :slight_smile:

Edited to add :

Well, I bought the round utility knife that I mentioned above but it turned out it cannot perforate as in postage stamps …